Apr 3, 2014

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Psalm 46/47

Tonight’s bible study was ah-mazing at Brentwood with Pastor Bill Westling! It started out kind of slow but then something changed and it was rowdy and fun and interesting and very informative. Some topics that are things written from tonight you may not agree upon but are truth. Some things that are written might seem offensive but they are also the truth. If you read this and have questions, please feel free to message me and I promise...

Mar 27, 2014

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Psalm 45 and some off topic conversation...

Psalm 45 and some off topic conversation

Good evening my fellow Bible Studiers! Try and keep up tonight, the study gets quite interesting and do feel free to comment you thoughts or ask questions if you are confused or concerned with anything. Happy Reading:   PSALM 45 Read over the chapter – does anything jump out at you?   Yes, in verse 7 it says, “Therefore God, Your God…” What does this mean? This is referring to God the Father and God the Son (Jesus)....

Mar 20, 2014

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Psalms Book2 Chapters 42;43;44

Psalms Book2 Chapters 42;43;44

      March 20, 2014 It’s that time of the week again. We’ve come together to study Book 2 of 5 in Psalms Chapter 42 This chapter (and 43) were both written by the son of Korah. This chapter express the suffering or the pain when one is away from God after having a relationship with him. There is also suffering from the temple and the thirst for his spirit. He is praying to God during his...

Mar 13, 2014

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Bible Study at Brentwood Psalms 39 40 41...

Bible Study at Brentwood Psalms 39 40 41

Click here to read Chapters 1-38 Good Evening and traveling mercies to all who have to drive or have been driving in this weather. Though our numbers were small our hearts were mighty, and they still are! So let begin – by the end of tonight’s Bible study we will have finished the first book of Psalms. Psalm 39: Read chapter 39 – any questions? Jump to verse 13. Look away from me. Why would David say this?...

Mar 7, 2014

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American Family Radio 88.9FM

American Family Radio 88.9FM

  Have you ever just wondered to yourself why do I learn and worship about and to  Jesus on Sunday Morning or Maybe you go to a Bible Study Wednesday and think only Sunday and Wednesday? It’s not that you don’t want more but your schedule is just so tied up its almost impossible. What about this one: you love the worship music but you can’t buy every CD the choir/band sings or plays. This is where the...