Meet the Pastor and his Wife

Pastor William Westling and Jodi both know this area pretty well. The Pastor more commonly referred to as Pastor Bill or just Bill was born and raised here in the Jefferson County Area – specifically right here in Wintersville. Living his life here, he understands the need for the Spiritual Revival and Renewal that this area needs and is looking for. Pairing up with his wife of who was raised in Wellsburg, West Virginia she knows as well that this community is in need of Jesus. Together they have brought new ideas and modern technology to the church to help grow and reach all peoples in the community with a loving and humble heart. This pair makes Brentwood both energizing and refreshing in an organized manner. Their door is always opened to anyone in need – member of the church, a visitor of the church, or just someone looking for a friend. God knew exactly what he was doing by blessing this church with such a awesome inspiring team. God Bless.

Pastor Bill and his wife Jodi
Pastor Bill and his wife Jodi

“This has been and is an amazing journey! We have seen God do so many wonderful things over years! We are excited about all the awesome things that God has already done through the amazing ministries He has given us! We are praising God for the terrific things He’s doing at Brentwood Church today! We are looking forward with anticipation to the wonderful ministries God is going to help us do in the future, as we continue to see God work as we grow together as a church! The future is bright at Brentwood!”

In Christ’s Love, Pastor Bill & Jodi

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  1. Dearly Beloved Brother Pastor Bill,
    Greetings to you in the most precious name of our Saviour Lord Jesus Christ.I am very much happy to meet you like this prayerfully as a servant of God and Brother in Christ for your prayer support.First I am very much happy to introduce myself I am Pastor David from India AP State.Our wonderful God has been called me for His mighty service since 28 years.I am very much happy to share something about our ministry with you for your prayer support and kind co-operation.We are doing this ministry in rural and slum area especially among Hindu community.Our ministry main motto is to spread the gospel in every nook and corner in our region.Some co-pastors have been co-operating with me in His service.We are doing this ministry independently by faith only.I believe in God that it is a God’s plan to approach you for your precious fellowship and guidance with our ministry for the extension of the kingdom of
    God. I am very glad to introduce you our ministerial projects below.
    Our Projects: –
    1.Gospel outreach,
    2.Door to Door personal Evangelism,
    3.Youth Bible School and youth Retreat
    4.Children Ministry
    5.Youth Ministry
    6.Forest Outreach
    7.We are running an orphan home with few children including the children who lost their parents with
    If God’s will to do His service in India for perishing souls please join your hands with us to save many souls for our Saviour Lord Jesus Christ especially among Hindu community.Please pray if God leads you please extend your kind co-operation with our ministry for the extension of the kingdom of God here in India .If God’s willing please come to India once to visit our ministry.Please could you tell me about your kind involvement prayerfully to do His mighty service together in India.If you give permission I will send you our ministry full Info and ministerial pictures for your prayer support and kind observation.Please pass our best regards to all who are with you and your family.I
    await your e-mail prayerfully and hopefully soon.
    With Great Love & Honour
    Yours Brother in His Vineyard,
    Pastor David.

  2. Hi Pastor,

    My mother and I visited your church two times and really enjoyed the service, worship, and friendly congregation.

    Would there be a time convenient for you and your wife to meet so you can answer some questions we have about your fellowship? I need to arrange care-giving for my mom; however, it shouldn’t take too long.

    What days/hours are best for you two?

    Mary (& Jeanne)

  3. Dear brethren,

    It is a pleasure to let you know hat I have been to your website and have been so much attracted to learn more for our spiritual growth here. Indeed it is good work done and you are going to be a blessing to many who have not seen the light especially here in Kenya and other parts of the world.

    we fellowship group leader that has not yet got established to have a well defined procedure of church worship. We merely meet for praise songs and prayers. It will be indeed wonderful for God to get us through to His chosen servants through whom to grow spiritually. I hope we shall find room in your mansion and from here get to truly worship our Lord in the right way and procedure,
    your in christ OMBATI

  4. I would like to make myself available for Preaching The Word of God and for Teaching on Soul Winning.
    I have had Bible training from Rock of Ages Bible Institute and completed Tim Lee’s School of Evangelism.
    I believe a person must Repent and trust the Lord Jesus Christ for Salvation.
    I would like to help and encourage people for going into all the world and Preaching The Gospel.
    I would appreciate any opportunity you would give me to come and speak at your church.

    Because of Calvary
    Evangelist Greg Carpenter
    Cambridge Ohio
    Phone:740-435-8002 & cell 740-319-6532
    Romans 10:14
    Prov 11:30

  5. I live in Florida and work at a large church. I visit my mother a few times a year and I am blessed to attend this church. It is the real deal! Pastor Bill has such a heart for people to meet Jesus. Every time I have visited, I felt right at home. So check it out! Son of Marie Ksiazek.

  6. Hello Pastor Bill,

    I wanted to reach out to introduce myself as your contact with Lifetouch Church Photography. We realize this is a very difficult time, especially for churches. Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers as we continue to move forward.

    We would like to help churches through the next year as much as possible to reconnect with families and offer cash give-back funds through our NO-cost programs. We have just reopened and have safety protocols in place to keep families safe – one at a time. We’re ready when the time is right for you and we would be honored to serve Brentwood United Methodist Church again in the future.

    Please feel free to reach out to me at any time for more information.

    Diane Fortney – Lifetouch Representative

  7. I live in Florida but my parents live in Wintersville. Every time I come home I visit Brentwood Methodist. I must say that I work at one of the largest churches in America. Pastor Bill is the real deal! I love how he always points people to Jesus. If you are looking for a solid church, this is the one. Even though it is small, that makes it better. They are a family. I am called by name each time I visit. Not just from Pastor Bill but people that attend. This is my home church away from my home church.
    Give it a try and love God!

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