Bible Study at Brentwood Psalms 39 40 41

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Good Evening and traveling mercies to all who have to drive or have been driving in this weather.

Though our numbers were small our hearts were mighty, and they still are!

So let begin – by the end of tonight’s Bible study we will have finished the first book of Psalms.

Psalm 39:

Read chapter 39 – any questions? Jump to verse 13. Look away from me. Why would David say this? He feels the conviction of the Holy Spirit and does not want God to look upon him with such guilt. Now look at the end of the sentence I go away AND am no more. This is referring to the dying of the physical state that. Death David is gone and dead. This being in the Old Testament there were so many different beliefs about eternal life but this is talk about lying the physical body down and it is gone.

In this chapter we see David confess and then meditate on how vain life is and that life is like a vapor, here then gone.  God’s discipline is not here to hurt us but to help us and correct us. David recognized the power of the tongue and how powerful saying something can be. Your words are very important.  They can hurt worse than a punch in the face.  There is so much temptation with the tongue and when we learn to control it is shows a mark of God’s grace.  Reading that the heart is hot is saying the soul is agitated. David made a vow in verse one and broke it. He is upset for saying what he said because he knew he should not have said it. We need to understand we as humans are frails and life is short. We need to emulate Christ every day. We are children of God and this means WE WIN! We will not be disappointed in the eternal life. What happens to us in life is usually brought on by ourselves. God lets us go through these things to teach us, draw us closer, and grow us to mature into disciples to spread. You need to have a joy in everything. What do you want? You want the Lord (well you should at least) God uses what David is going through to bring David back to where he needs to be. David is saying to God, “I NEED YOU!” David is not blaming God. David knows what is going on is because of the sins he committed that displeased God. When we know Christ we know that we are just an alien to this world because we will be here only a little while because we will go into eternity with him.

Jesus knew/knows what human nature and feeling is – two instances (commented one person) – when Jesus prayed in the Garden of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane and then when Lazarus died and Jesus wept for his friend. In that moment he felt that loss. When you look at the big picture though we are only separated for a little while time before being reunited. Look at David how much sorrow he went through but still saw the joy in the situation and he’s even called a “man after God’s own heart”.

Look at Christ lineage. The people who come down through history until he was born aren’t the people you would expect him to come from. The cool thing is look at who God used and who Jesus became.

Psalm 40

David’s tune has changed he rejoices with a new song that so many can see and follow. The first three verses reflect celebrations and that we have assurance when we wait on God. David recounts his spiritual journey and he has a lot of things going on right now. In verse 5 we can never be out of God’s conscious and he never leaves or forsakes us ever. The Jews though God wanted a sacrifice but really God WANTS their hearts and he wants ours too! In verse 7, many biblical scholars believe the speaker is Jesus coming to be the True Sacrifice. The scroll of book refers to prophecy and this is a mesiotic Psalm meaning it talks about the coming of Jesus. Verse 8-10 is a total surrender and if you give it to God then you live through laws by grace. The old testament is not null and void it leads up to the new testament. The total Bible is our Play Book.

Lovingness kindness truth is given to encourage and correct. David trusts God’s grace even though he know he doesn’t deserve divine deliverance.


Psalm 41

Verse 10 – raise me up to go against them – isn’t it funny that David is always saying this its because David is human.

This chapter is a lament and talks about David’s faith in God. The words in 1-3 are what Jesus so often says in the “B Attitudes” which describe:





Sin is a spiritual illness – it really is.  Heal my soul o Lord! This requires God’s forgiveness. The Wicked have a natural desire for sin.

Evil is a disease. It Is a terminal illness and when the enemy doesn’t triumph God’s grace can contemplate the presence of God. This is the doxology of Psalm’s first book.

The first book is mainly written by David but then next will be write by many others with David being among them.

What is the timeframe in which Psalms was written for David? No scholar is really sure


Thanks for coming! Send love and prayers to everyone reading and also to everyone that isn’t reading.


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