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The following notes are from Bible Study that we have on Wednesday Nights at 7pm. We are currently studying the Book of Psalms. Directions to Brentwood

These notes are in no way in a Business Format and there are going to be Spelling errors and Fragments because they are just notes. These notes are to catch you up if you want to come to Bible Study BUT don’t know were we are or what has been discussed. Feel free to leave a comment after reading and we will respond if you have any questions or concerns. We’d love to hear your feedback.










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For those of you who missed Bible Study at Brentwood Church tonight for any reason I thought I put some notes up so that you may read and catch up and even come join us next week in the BOOK OF PSALMS.

Feel free to leave your comments questions or concerns and/or tag someone you know who may benefit from reading. It was a great time of fellowship shared amongst friends. Thanks


We started about 5 after 7 (PM that is) and Pastor Bill opened with prayer and then an overview:

The BOOK OF PSALMS is book read frequently and has many different emotions in it. The book goes from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. There are many praises and prayers found throughout this book but most of all the purpose is to inspire us to worship. (Worship God that is)


The book of Psalms can be broken into 5 units:

1.)    Chapters 1-41

2.)    Chapters 42-72

3.)    Chapters 73-89

4.)    Chapters 90-106

5.)    Chapters 107 150

Through this book chapter 119 is the longest.


Chapter 1:

As we started into chapter 1, the Pastor let us know that chapter one is like an introduction to the whole book of psalms. It describes the 2-ways of life: the way of the righteous and the end of the ungodly (or wicked). There is no middle no teetering on the fence. The righteous will go to heaven and the wicked will go to hell.

Emphasis was put upon the first word “BLESSED”. This is the best word to use when describing the righteous; it is a form of congratulation. Upon reading verse 3, we stopped to discuss what the word “PROSPER” meant- which does NOT mean gaining material things like money cars or houses instead flourishing spiritually. Continuing through we went over the word “CHAFF” which was compared to the picking a dandelion, found in verse 4. Then in verse 5 discussed the differences of being judged. The righteous to be judge by them accepting Christ as their Lord and Savior and their sins being forgiven versus the ungodly with no excuse of why they rejected God. Verse 6 concluded chapter 1 by adding “For the Lord knows (and actively cares) for the way of the righteous, But the way of the ungodly (still loved) but shall parish,

We stopped and talked amongst ourselves a bit and shared some stories about how to handle different questions a raised by friends and families.


Chapter 2:

Pastor Bill gave us and over by saying (and sorry if spelling is incorrect) this is the royal messianic psalms and it could have been read during new king ceremonies.  It also talks about our rebel world.

We started by talking how the nations seem to rebel the most when there is a change from king to king and this is when people sin the most for it is the most “opportune” time. However, God’s reaction to our human plans (and even rebellions) is laughter. God has a plan and a role for us and that id for US to follow him. If we try to go astray or avoid this plan our lives seem to go astray or even crazy! Bringing us to verse 7 in which the decree is talking about Jesus being the one and the only and the word SON is referring to both the Messiah and to King David. In verse 8 we discussed that Jesus the Christ is the ultimate fulfillment of the rod of iron. To finish up chapter 2 we discussed that the kings were wise and were holy fear and rejoiced.  We should be in submission opposed to being in rebellion.


We only got through 2 chapters tonight but it was awesome – we talked a little more and share some more stories before we prayed and headed home.

We will meet again next Wednesday at 7:00 pm in the fellowship hall at Brentwood Church in Wintersville. Again all are welcomed <3

Good Evening to all you who are reading this note!


Tonight at Bible Study we studied Psalms 3&4.


Once again all are welcomed and next week we will start on Psalms 5 and see how far we get. 7pm at Brentwood UM Church off Bantam Ridge in Wintersville, if you need a ride let us know!



This week has been a difficult week for some of our friends at Bible Study. We had had some that have gone before us and now are living with God in heaven and while we may be excited that they are out of the Earthly pain and suffering it still bring great sadness and mourning to the loved ones they left behind.  How relevant that we talk about Psalms 3 and 4 where David is writing about The Lord helping his troubled people and the Safety of the Faithful.


Pastor Bill started with a prayer and we dove right in.



Chapter 3:

Psalm 3 started out as a Lament- a petition and a praise- that’s tells about praying through a problem and realize that God will be present and listens & answers prayers with care and in his time. We discussed that any battle we may face is best given to the Lord and he always has our back. To let God have the fight and he will take care of it but we need to understand this happens not in our time but in HIS time.

Going on to verse 2 we listened as Pastor Bill explained that the people at that time who opposed David (the writer/psalmist) believed that God had forsaken David because in all honestly David did a lot of displeasing things toward God. He did many wrongs, but the beauty is that David repented for the wrongs he and committed and God forgave him. We learned David’s secret (more in verse 3). This is also the first time in this chapter we come across the word “Selah”. This word can mean a pause at the end of sentence or to take time to think about what was just read.

Verse 3 went on to talk about the Lord being a shield for David and about David’s personal faith in God, the lord. David is willing to let God, we have to come to the same place. Pastor Bill asked us “How is David a man after God’s heart” Many answered with by loving trusting, and praising. “Those are correct but I want you to look deeper, David became one with God.” This means that what YOU want doesn’t matter anymore, but what GOD wants is what you want. David sold himself to God just as we need to sell ourselves to God.

Verse 4 was pretty simple with the holy hill referring to Mt. Zion which was believed to be the dwelling place (home) of God. Also, We also put more emphasis on the fact the God hears and ALWAYS answers prayers- even if it’s not how we think they should be answered.

Verse 5 is where we went in depth with David’s with David’s secret.  David’s secret was/is that he knows God will sustain anything we go through. *Going back to last week God won’t give us more than we can handle and sometimes he has A LOT of faith in us* David understood this. We need to start to understand this as well. Then to gain strength we must pray.

Verse 6 was enforcing this and Pastor Bill also mention that this “secret”  gave him the confidence he needed- I mean come on this is the David who beat Goliath that we are talking about!

To look at verse 7 is to look at a parallel. “Arise O Lord-Save me O my God” This “Arise” was also used as a battle cry when an army was about to attack. This being said David is calling to God before his battle with great confidence that God will not only help but protect him (David) through his fight.

**I probably should have mentioned that during this time in David’s life he is fleeing from his son, Absalom, who had overtaken his (David’s) kingdom and Absalom wants to David dead. This is why David is praying to God for the protection not only from his son but by his kingdom who rose against him (David). **

Finally in Verse 8 we read that “Salvation belongs to the Lord. Your blessing is upon your people” After reading Salvation Pastor Bill asked us, “When we accept salvation what happens?” “We are forgive and saved. We become his, children of God.”



Before going into Chapter 4 here are some other things we talked about due Chapter 3:

  • To pray against your child. David obviously wants to do the right thing but this means his son will eventually die, but this was his (Absalom’s) choice to cause an up rise against his father.
  • What does prayer do? Prayer changes us. Your prayer can start angry with vengeance and hate but if you just let it out to God you will see a change and what you started praying for will change into something else. You have to get rid of the hate though before you can forgive and continue on with your life.

Chapter 4:

Diving into Psalm 4 as well we explore more in depth of David’s confidence in faith.

Verse one started with David sharing that God is the source of salvation and righteousness. Pastor Bill added that MY RIGHTEOUSNESS refers to dirty rags but when we change MY to Your (God’s) RIGHTEOUSNESS it turns to white and as pure as snow. “Have mercy on me and hear my prayer.

Verse two continues by explaining that when mocking occurs it is not David that is being mocked but God.

Going into verse three gets deep; The Lord will / does set apart the godly and the ungodly. The godly person will enjoy a special blessing while the ungodly will not.

Verse 4 is an amazing verse <3 “Be angry but do not sin” This kind of anger is called righteous wrath and a good example of righteous wrath is when Jesus flipped the tables over in the temple. Yes, he was anger and Yes, he was mad because Jesus came to save everyone both Jew and Gentile and those who had tables that were selling and cheating people were only doing this in the outside part of the temple where the Gentile’s worshipped and not the inside where the Jews worshipped separating the Jews and the Gentiles. Jesus says no both are equal and are saved. Back to Psalms, David explains to meditate on God’s word, to be still and to listen.

Verse 5 talks about offering the sacrifices of the righteousness which means we accept Jesus as Savior and Lord and are obedient. We have an inward peace and an outward joy.

Verse 6-8 are often referred to in a benediction. The quote “There are no atheists in a fox hole” was brought up and to respond to that Pastor Bill that all it takes to give yourself to God is “Lord forgive me” before death because God knows what is in your heart so let go of the bad and hold onto the good.


That was about it for this week at Bible Study. We’d love for you to join us next week in which we’ll start with Psalms 5 and see how far we get. We go at our pace there isn’t a set “time line”. Wednesday nights @ 7pm come and enjoy


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Psalms 5 6 and 7


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So I see you’ve come back to read more about the journey through Psalms. We’d really like if you could join but we’re so happy you diving in the adventure in some way. If you have any questions or comments please leave it below-also feel free to send a private message. Hope you enjoy!


Tonight’s numbers were a little low in the fellowship room today but that did not stop us from reading, learning, praising, and praying.


So tonight we opened with prayer- prayer for family and friends and most of all our country; our leaders to have wisdom and courage and just to get it together.

So lets jump back into Psalms starting with


Chapter 5-A morning prayer

This chapter is considered a lament where King David is contrasting trust in God with a wicked/rebellious attitude.   David was considered a great king but the greatest king of all is God the Father, and David’s source of strength was from relying on God and this happened on a daily basis. That we must come to God with humility as he is a Holy and Perfect God.  This brings up to 4.) God builds up he does not tear down. 5.) David compares wickedness with speech. We often SPEAK wickedness using our tongue, with is small but mighty. Many evil things can come out of out mouth. Evil can/will result in sin and sin will destroy and drag you to hell. Continuing with verse 7 we talked about David comes to God and loves him (God) for who he is and gives praise (worships ) God because God gives grace and mercy to him (us).  Towards the end of the chapter David’s attitude changes and there is hope. There’s hope that we can find joy when we love God for who he is (just like David) and trust God.

*We also had side topics during this chapter one of which we discussed that only Jesus Adam and Eve were not BORN into sin. We could have lived in Eden forever id sin had never happened*



Chapter 6

This is the first of 7 stated as Repenting. Although it is not a confession it is implied that some kind of sin(s) have/had taken place.  Some of what we learned in this chapter was about what the people believed in the time of the Old Testament. For example we learned that the people believed the body and soul were one and not the body and the soul. That when they died they died and there was no more worshipping the Lord. The soul did not go to Heaven. We know this to be false as God lives in you and God never dies. Therefore although your body may be done your soul is not.  Now when David starts the prayer or this chapter he prays that he will not have to face God’s full death but he will be spared byt God’s grace and mercy which we know to be true with God’s judgment. That sometimes our bones are troubled and we may suffer but that God can use these times and heartaches and turn them into something good. Verse 4 (in case you were falling behind) states “Deliver Me” which is David’s cry in the face of death. We close the chapter by summing up 8-10 as God has heard David’s cry which is why David’s attitude has a slight change. The certainty of faith will bring peace.


Chapter 7 (yes another chapter we were on a roll tonight!! However we only made it to Vers 10 as we started to get off topic- in a wonderful way as you will see) This Psalm is also taking place during the time when David is still in hiding from his son.

This Psalms is talking about David taking refuge in God. We start out by reading There is judgment not only on David but others as well.  Verse 2 continues by talking about a lion tearing David apart. We learn that the lion that David refers to is the Devil. As stated in 1st Peter the Devils tears apart just as the lion tears apart the flesh. The devil can tear apart in three ways- 1.Physically 2.Emotionally/Mentally 3. Spiritually  David wants God to serve Justice on his/time asap an not on his (God’s time) We discussed how David tried to compare himself and compared to God David has no righteousness. Also pointed out was that God is angry with the wicked everyday but God does not act upon his righteous wrath instead he acts with mercy and grace.

From here we got off topic- a few things we touched upon were

How do you vision God – if you vision him by the pictures you see they that is an incorrect vision of how Jesus would’ve looked like. If you think you are seeing a thing that is probably demons working on you. You can however, feel God and is presence and the trinity. Which led us to the topic of the trinity and that Jesus was with God and knew he would be born of the Virgin Mary. Until he was born from Mary he was no yet in Human Form. He was though still in human form.

Again please feel free to leave comments and as always you are welcomed to come to study with us next Wednesday at 7pm @ Brentwood UM Church in Wintersville. Let us know if you need a ride-we’ll pick you up.


Good evening everyone.

I’ve just returned from Bible Study and I must say the conclusion of tonight’s study was quite something. If you missed it I feel bad. I will do my best to summarize what happened but to not be there to experience, it just will not be the same.

Tonight, as always, we started off with prayer.

So we start where we left off from last week- Psalms chapter 7 verse 13.

We read it and then Pastor Bill stopped and asked what comes to your mind in vs. 14: conceive and bring forth? We answered correctly – Birth. For this particular verse though what is being birthed? Sin.  Furthermore sin brings judgment. Then we flipped through our Bibles to Galatians 6:7&8 “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. For he who sows to his flesh will of flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life. “ So basically, if you reap evil you will have eternal death; if you reap good you will have eternal life.  This goes back to God giving us the power of free will and the choice to choose him or reject him. David though sings a praise to God, not only for what God gives to David but because he praises God’s characteristics – he praises God for who God is. We also need to understand who God is. Why do you go to church? You should only go to church to WORSHIP God. Worshiping has different sublevels though – explained by Pastor Bill.  Worshipping doesn’t just mean to praise it also means to learn, understand, know more of.  Make sense?


Chapter 8

This chapter is well known because many praise and worship songs take verses from this chapter.  If you have your Bible: reread verse 4 and 5.  “What is man that you are mindful of him and the son of man that you visit him?” “For You have made him a little lower than the angels, And You have crowned him with glory and honor.” Wow < did you just read that. As humans we are just a little lower than the angels. Humans are mortals this being said we are Earth bound BUT when we die we will be above the Angels and we will have new bodies. So let’s go back a little. Angels were made to protect the heavens. Angels were/are not born again or saved. They just are. Humans were born into this mortal body and have never saw God. Angels don’t have the free will and choice that humans have, therefore they will always be where they are. When humanity was created, Lucifer (the devil, satan) had already fell from heaven and had become the ‘fallen angel” He can never beat God  but he wants to hurt God so what he (Satan, Devil, Lucifer) wants is to take as many souls from God and dragging them to Hell as he can. You see Hell was NOT created for humans. Hell was created as a place to store the fallen angels. Heaven was made for humans, which is why it is perfect and God has so much faith and love in us. He wants us to make it to heaven but he wants us to make it because it is our choice to make it and not because we are forced to. So right now we may be mortal but we won’t be forever, we will get a new body.  The Great I am loves us that much that he gave us Eden (and earth) to enjoy. So why do so many rebel against this?  They have the choice to and they rejected it. Also, when we compare ourselves to the universe, yeah we might seem small but look at verses 5-8 that a lot of worth that you have, and that’s what you are worth to God. You are worth so much that he sent his own son/part of himself (GOD) down for us.


Chapter 9

God is a just God. Not all actually none of our battles are just physical battle they are also spiritual too, whether you realize it or not. In this chapter this is David’s Public Declaration of God. David praises od for everything, both good and bad. David is certain that his enemies will not triumph over him and he he knows that he at that point is right with God and David’s enemies will be confronted by God.  We need to let God fight the battles. They (enemies) can destroy cities and towns but they cannot destroy the God inside of us.  Just remember God will judge us all in the end though.

Now here is where we started to go off subject from Psalms so feel free to comment or message if you get a little lost.

There are so many characteristics and parts of God. There’s the God of the Old Testament who is angry and jealous and there’s God of the New Testament loving and forgiving. Here‘s the thing though – It’s the same God! But our nation is doomed, like Sodom and Gamor. The individual themselves is not doomed though. They still have time to be saved and accept Jesus as their Savior and help pray for the nation.  So for example: Jews go by scripture- some are starting to realize that Jesus was/is the Messiah. They follow God they follow the law but they need to accept Jesus as their Savior. Yes, the Jews are God’s chosen people but so is everyone who accepts Jesus!!

Just think how many people go to a sermon or service on Sunday and just listen or they just “go to church” how many of them have really accepted Jesus. Just because they listen and do what is right does not mean that they are saved. People think they can just “go to church” , sing the songs, throw some money in the plate, follow the laws, and they are saved. Wake up people- that is NOT the true answer to having eternal everlasting life. You must accept Jesus as your Savior. Do you just believe or have you accepted?  Are you born again? Are you scared to take the next step? Once you accept Jesus as your Savior the next just starts falling in place – following what is written in the Bible – the 10 commandments. God will help you so much with that. You need to be the same 24/7 though. You need to stand up for what the Bible says.

Yes, that means you will probably offend someone now and then or again and again. But guess what- the Bible is offensive. It’s not all about rainbows and butterflies but the amazing thing is it is the truth! God wants you to join him and  he loves us enough that he has given us the Bible to help us.  So don’t compromise it to make people happy. Stand up for what it says. Don’t compromise it because it might he you the lead role or make you show or company grow. Pastor Bill mentioned Duck Dynasty with God and Guns. They didn’t take their faith out of their show and look at them – #1 watched reality show.  This being said also falls back on the Government and the media. The media is trying and has in some cases made Born Again Bible Believing Followers of Christ look like fruit cakes and Jesus Freaks but you know what. Awesome! Now there’s a label to wear proud – Jesus Freak or Bible Thumper. May I ask again what this nation is under – ONE NATION UNDER GOD! Now God is trying to be taken away and look at how fast the government is falling. No, our government was never perfect but look with no morals or stand and the 10 commandments aren’t even posted these days. All this being said though the key is for the CHURCH (not just Brentwood but the Church the bride of Jesus together) needs to stand strong and defeat what can be defeated and not give up. One heart at time needs to be changed.

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We hope to see you next week Wednesday at 7pm to continue our journey through Psalms.


My apologies for misspelling, sentence fragments, and confusion.

Love and prayers to all who read



Good evening everyone.

I’m so glad you’ve decided to come back and continue the study. Don’t forget to leave your comments and feel free to tag your friends or share so other can learn more about our Lord.  If you want to come we meet Wednesday s at 7pm in the fellowship hall of Brentwood UM Church and are more than happy to pick you up if you ever would need a ride.


So let’s jump into what we talked about tonight. Pastor Bill Westling prayed for all those sick and hurting. We heard some praise reports and then started:


Psalms 10:


This Psalm is different and was not written by David. The author is angry and as we all do, the author asks and questions God- this author wants God to give these wicked people wrath rather than to share his love and grace. Pastor Bill explained that this author emphasizes that if people don’t repent then they won’t go to heaven and the author wants God to pour out his wrath now. This is the typical response and is a complaint. Even now people ask about why the good suffer but the evil thrive. Sometimes it feels like we can’t see or feel God in the midst of the suffering BUT the thing is God is there. It’s okay to be angry and yell to/at God bur DON’T EVER think God isn’t there because he is, always. God is always going to help you through it. You always look around and see people and the situations they are in and that many are in a worse situation, but just remember that Jesus came down and he suffered and was in a situation in which he did nothing wrong. We then had someone asked, Why do the good leave so soon- they knew Jesus and the people “bad” people need more time to come to and know Jesus.  Up until the last breath people take God is going to intervene and he is going to try to bring them to him, but remember we have free will and a choice.- God will not force you to come to him.  Another people asked,  If you believe in God and pray for someone to come to God and they don’t pay attention will good things not happen to them and only bad things happen to them? Pastor Bill explained that No, good things will still happen and bad things will still happen but God will use the bad things to bring good. God does not cause the bad but he will use it. God never wastes a good hurt- he never leaves or forsakes us. Things that happen make you who you are today. You need to evaluate your life and let God take over your life. Either 1 or 2 things will happen: 1.) Take you towards God or 2.) take you away from God. This chapter is in detail of the wicked and the arrogant and they deserve God’s righteous judgment –according to the author. Those who are wicked need to accept Christ. God keeps hoping they will change. Instead of destroying the wicked we need to lift and pray them up. We go to the church(the building) to learn off of one another. By not going to church the bible may confuse you and you may on accident twist the Bible to how you it to appear to you.

Now on vs 7 is mention of the tongue. If you go to the book of James, the tongue is compare to the rudder of the ship, small but mighty. The tongue can produce either good or evil. You can curse or deceit this is the devil in your heart and if you look back in Chapter 5 you will see that the tongue can be sinful. It doesn’t hurt to be nice, and when you are nice you will draw more people toward you than being evil. “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” We need to come to the place that renouncing God is the opposite of Holy Feet/ and reverence to God. God’s everlasting role is the basis-every time they try to disprove they prove. Keep in mind that a depressor is a bully and put their will on others.


Chapter 11

Woohoo David is back to write a new Psalm. This chapter reflects David’s response that God is bigger and better than anyone and person. David is about to be attacked (remember he is in hiding) by those coming after him. This chapter is a lot like the world is like today. David was so much faith in God though that he didn’t listen to the others and he didn’t compromise. God has our back and will always be there for us. We all will go through times of testing that will, in the end, help our faith to increase and we will grow in our faith walk. Where does righteousness come from? God! Should we flee or should we have faith. Even though it is getting harder in today’s would we have to keep in mind what is happening in other countries, and what is starting to happen in ours. In some countries you can be beheaded and imprisoned for your faith in Christ.

Just think from 10 years ago until now; who would have thought that a Christian group would be called a HATE group, and none the less by the military. The days of Satan are being numbered- he is a busy little booger. There is going to be a great falling away but there is also going to be a great revival. We do not need the devil we all have evil within us but a lot we just blame it on the Devil. Turn and thank God and praise him for what you have.

Thanks for joining us again for our study in Psalms. Next week we will dive into chapter 12. If you ever have question s feel free to ask.


See you soon. Love and Prayers

Good Evening again and welcome to Brentwood Bible Study!


Can I just take a moment to say I’m so glad you follow, whether you like or comment you are cherished and cared for. Not a day goes by that someone is NOT thinking of you and praying that you are doing well and that things for you are take a turn for the best. Feel free though to leave your comments, your opinions, your questions, or just a smiley face. If you want more information or just need/want to talk feel free to message me. You are welcomed to join us @ 7pm on Wednesday evenings at Brentwood UM Church. Thanks!

So tonight we went into Psalms chapter 12 13 and 14. Three chapters in one hour, we are really getting it done. These chapters though small are mighty and helpful. These chapters actually compare a lot to the way the world is today. David is the author of chapters tonight. So let’s get to it:


Chapter 12

Let s start with first giving thanks to God for all that he has done in our lives. This chapter is talking about the negative people in life. David himself feels that all the Godly people of the world are gone and the people left speak with hate sin and arrogance. Our tongue can be both good and it can be evil. As we have talked about in previous chapters. Take a quick look at James 3: 8-12 sounds familiar right? So David is just seeing all this evil around him, just like today we see all this evil happening all around us.  < This is verse 3 of psalms. Verse 4 is coming from an arrogant and prideful person, a nonbeliever who is rebelling against God.  This being said, a disciple is one who follows God and a nonbeliever follows Satan or the Devil. Now look at verse 5 This is a quote from God! God intervenes; he comes with a gift of salvation. God’s objective is to help us to find salvation and gives us so many chances and does NOT want to hinder us. God has much patience. Vs 6 talks about purifying 7 times. Why the #7? 7 is purity and perfection so God’s word is pure. If you want to find silver, you’ve got to look in rocks made of lead. If you want to get silver from the rock, you’ve got to heat the rock to extreme temperatures. If you want to purify silver and make it valuable, you’ve got to repeat the heating process over and over again. The word vileness means people are evil. We need to tell people Sin is Sin and if you water that down then evil wins that round. Pray in evil times. Keep Prayer!


Chapter 13

This chapter starts as a complaint then turns into a question then supplication and ends in a confident prayer.

Starting out we read that David questions “how long” not once or twice not even three but FOUR times. David is really struggling here with his enemies. Like so many of us, David is hurting and he is questions God and like many of us he wants the answer(s) NOW. It’s okay to question but we need to know that again our now is not God’s now and he is on his own time line not on our time. This chapter is kinda like David is talking to himself, self-counseling so to say. He is asking God for some understanding. What good would it be to lie to God he knows what you’re thinking and what is in your heart. It’s okay to get mad just don’t walk away from God. Run to him don’t run away from him. Verse 3 David is asking for understanding that comes by faith and he cannot survive without God and he is going to have to trust God’s mercy. Through all the different things and difficult time God is and will always be stronger. What you are going through can make you an example to others and God can use that and use you to help others through what they are going through. David knew that in the hen he would overcome with God’s help. God can take the bad and he can make it good and then you can look back and see the good that came from it. Although at the moment of the experience you may not see the good, have faith that something good will come out of it. There are some things in life we will never understand and that’s where our faith comes in. You will have the memories and life lessons though and that will never be taken away from you. People like to gloat when a person particularly a Christian messes up, isn’t perfect, gets sick, or has something bad happen to them. People will say things like “Oh you’re a Christian you are sick where is your God now” but the thing is everyone is going to get sick .


Chapter 14

This chapter and chapter 53 of Psalms are very similar almost identical except for 14 uses the word God and 53 uses the word Lord. A lot of the New Testament is the going to be the same as Old. A godless person is anyone who turns from God’s ways.  These are more practical statements than philosophical statements. It’s impossible to think that everything came together without a supreme being. It isn’t a coincidence that everything came together. Evolution isn’t saying that we came from apes now it is saying that it just changes or adapts. People want to believe there is no God so that they can do what they want and not have to answer for their actions. Besides from divine grace, we as humans are sinful- it says so in Romans 3:23. We are sinners but grace, grace comes in and transforms us. The wicked has no social conscious no religious concerns, it’s a practical atheist that people who trust in just themselves (or just other people) but not in God have more anxiety. The captivity in verse 7 is referring to the exile to Babylon. This captivity keeps you from being in a relationship with God. When sin owns us we have no relationship.



Bible Study at Brentwood tonight can be described by Pastor Bill in one word – Rowdy.

Tonight we were able to breeze through three chapters 15, 16 and 17.

So lets begin shall we?

Chapter 15:


A psalm of David

To start out verse 1 is a question that is answered by reading verses 2-5.

Pastor Bill asked us, “What do you think, “Worship Him” means?”. We had many answers and then Pastor Bill explained that worship has nothing to do with ministry or with us, that it is all about God and to glorify God for who he is! When you come to Him like you will be in such an awe presence and really feel a WOW moment. Each of us have a call in our lives and that means that you know something that you know that you know but God gives us a choice if we want to do what we are “called” to do or to not do it and when you choose not to do this “call” it will continue to lay on you and tug on you until you do it. This call is knowledge within you.

So God is a Host. The cool thing is he is inviting us into his tabernacle. (Refer to verse 1) When Jesus dies on the cross the Vail was Torn and now anyone can go straight to God. There is no human middle man. The priest who once was the only one in the “Holy” Room is now not the only one that is able to go into the room. By Jesus’ blood, he became the ultimate sacrifice, we can go in and have true worship.

David tells us that there are three things we need to do if we do not want to be moved.

1.)    Walk uprightly- whole/pure hearted

2.)    Work righteousness- be right while speaking the truth

3.)    Speak the truth in your heart- have a heart right with God otherwise what you do is worthless no matter how nice

This being said Pastor asked us, “A person who enjoys one-on-one with God does what?” *Honestly we were quite baffled and had no idea what he was asked so one by one we started to shout out answers that weren’t wrong but weren’t what the ultimate answer was* After a good 20 shouts Pastor told us, “A person accepts God and he does NOT doubt, gossip, or do evil. He tries not to sin.” But sin, sin is hum nature, Pastor explained that we are born with sin but we can turn to God’s nature. See, the problem is we make excuse we blame our sin on our human nature and to be frank our human nature needs to die. The Holy Spirit will tug on you. We need to repent and we need to follow the first commandment. Thou shall put NO other God before me-GOD. We put other thing on the throne and it is not that the other things are bad things, they are family sometimes and friends but the thing is God is to be on that throne and so when we put others on it then we have put other gods (little g) on the throne before God (big G). We also must keep our word. Even when our word does not work to our advantage we still need to keep it. Nothing can move us when we dwell in God. We need to be rooted in him, *Various bible studiers start to sing “I Will NOT be Moved by Natalie Grant also sung at Brentwood by Leslie Thermes*

That summarizes Chapter 15, are you still with me? Yes? Okay then let us move to Chapter 16.


I wonder who wrote this Psalm. Yes, you guessed it, King David is still writing away.

In this Psalm David writes about how he knew God gives security and David’s faithfulness to God goes beyond the grave. Let’s face is, it’s 2013 and it still isn’t quite clear what the Hebrews believed in after life but they believed there is something, they just weren’t quite sure what. Now we know and read there is life beyond death a never ending party with best host ever, God himself. When Jesus died on the cross he defeated death, hell, and Satan. You may read in the apostle creed that Jesus went into hell but actually Jesus defeated hell. In the parable about the rich man looking at Lazarus, the rich man is in hell and he is looking up into heave. Verse 5 – portion means a slice of the pie that God gives us the most prized possession-Salvation.  Verse 7 Dark/Night Seasons- this means not a joyful time of life a trial or tribulation. Now at verse 9 and 10 it takes about all this, the prophecy of Jesus and his resurrection. So again, this is a Psalm of trust, there are Reason/Benefits/ and Confidence in trusting God. The harsh truth about the nature of true righteousness is we are not good apart from God because we are born with a sinful nature. The hope is that we DO have the blood of Christ and we have the grace of God.  We have a goodness that comes from God alone. There is one ultimate sin though; and that is Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit which means after you know God you turn away and deny him. “Deny me in from of your friends and I will deny you in front of my father” –Jesus We need to walk the Path of Life- live in fellowship in God. He is faithful through the grave and when we die it’s not the end. It is a new chapter a graduation so to say and we need to walk around VICTORIOUS, not walk around looking like we’ve been defeated.

One more chapter for tonight, Are you still there?


Chapter 17

David’s Prayer for Protection

This life, are we really just sleeping and then when we die we are waking up? Well kind of. We’re not quite sleeping it is more like we’re dazed and confused. This is a warm prayer. At the end of this prayer you will see comfort and warmth that is well worth to memorize. World people are living for possessions and physical items when all we need is God who gives us a peace and when we accept the peace we have a new life. This is also known as the JOY OF SALVATION!!!! Going to verses 8 and 9 protect me I have faith, I love you but know my enemies are coming I trust you. The enemies referring to King Saul and also to David’s son. Backing up to verse 3 “testing” this means David shows God’s action. Did God bring about these tests? Of course not, Satan did but you can bring the test about you by the life style you live and also your family can bring about the test. Once again you have a choice to choose in these tests. These test will show you loyalty and your love to/for God. It might take a while but something good will always come from the test. God will often show you someone who is worse off than you are so you will stop feeling sorry for yourself and start praying for those in need and when you pray for others you it will make you feel good and start to feel better. Sometimes God just has to give us a kick in the butt.  David prays, I mean David prays a lot. This prayer though, David prays to God but David knows God will take care of everything the way God needs to take care of it. Then after we pray we need and have to thank God for what he gives us and for what we have. In your weakness is when God gives us our strength.


Let’s take a moment to reflect on all of this, Past Bill did an awesome job as always. He may just be a mouth piece for God’s word but he sure is one heck of a mouth piece.


Alright I’m outta here for tonight. Thanks again for joining and if you want you can always join us live on Wednesday nights at 7pm in the Brentwood UM Church’s fellowship hall. We have free coffee

Good Evening,

Tonight was quite the nice evening at Bible Study. Our numbers were a little lower than normal but that didn’t stop us at all from continuing our study with Chapter 18 in Psalms. While we did read the entire chapter we did not finish discussing the entire chapter. In fact, the notes in which you are reading to night may not even reflect with a lot of the verses but with the chapter in general as that is kind of how we went about study tonight. Between that and getting a little off subject here and there but that is perfectly fine. One thing, those of you reading may not get to experience by only reading this is the fact that at the Bible Study we do sit and discuss. Many things are talked about not just a certain chapter of a certain book in the Bible. As I do try my best to sometimes not all stories are collected and shared in these notes. The first 10minutes of every Bible Study for example, we take the time to talk about Prayer Concerns. I’d like to invite you, who are reading, to always leave a comment if you have someone(s) you want to lift up in prayer. You don’t have to tell the whole story of why just let us know a prayer is needed and we’d be more than happy to pray for the need. With all of that being said let’s jump into tonight’s Bible Study and I apologize in advanced if there’s a few fragments and not complete sentences. Here’s a challenge for you – tag or make a shout out to someone who hasn’t been tagged  🙂 do it I dare you.


This is a long chapter, I mean look at it, its 50 verses but at the same time it really isn’t that long at all. This is another Psalm written by David and the basis of the chapter is that it celebrates; it reviews, and then is a doxology (which means a praise to God). David applies this celebrating, review, and doxology to his life and refers to Jesus. Look up 2 Samuel 22 and tell me – does it look similar? Verses 4-13 are really a vivid description of the general dangers that David faces as well as the verses shoe that God delivers. (Delivers David from his enemies for example) In Verse 6 you will notice that it refers to His Temple- His meaning God therefore God’s Temple which is Heaven. So David, he surrenders his heart to God and that is where all of his strength came from. The more you rely on God the easier it will get. Maybe not physically easier but emotionally easier, perhaps it won’t be emotionally easier but physically easier. The point is that the situation will be much better with God on your side! This being implicated we should take that we should only WORRY about what God wants and thinks and not what humans want and thing. Even if what a human thinks now might makes you cooler – I promise you’ll be cooler making the right choice for God later on when you’re sitting in heaven with the angels and not burning in hell. Surrender it all to God, don’t sweat the small details. God is bigger and better; he will take care of you.

You may be thinking to yourself, but David’s time was like 2,000 years ago his enemies were a tribe coming after him or going against a giant, his enemies and problems aren’t the same he had it easier. Let’s face it though we may NOT go against the same enemies or deal with the same struggles/problems as David but we all face some type of enemy and some type of problem. All of that is just a form of the Devil trying to get you broken down and to turn away from God. What we as humans need to realize is just because human nature says we need to be Self Sufficient does not mean that is God’s way. When that Devil comes a knocking don’t YOU answer, send JESUS to the door.  Give it to God. No one said the Christian, born again, bible believing, follower of Jesus Christ would be easy-it is hard. The cool thing is though you can give all your worries, hang ups, and heart aches to God. Then slowly watch as he using all of it in your life for the better to make your life amazing.

Verses 7-15 are explaining God coming to David’s rescue. Just read it again, how God himself is saving David.  God, he is angry that the Devil is attacking David. What is being described is again what Moses saw on Mt. Sinai. We see both the awful yet majestic God, depending on what side you chose to be on. Awful meaning God’s wrath and anger and your righteousness. God’s power on our own would consume us. By accepting him we have grave and love and mercy that is absolutely AWESOME. Awesome meaning Christ’s righteousness love, grace, & mercy. On your own in this case means if you go to God by not going through nor accept Jesus the Christ. If you reject Jesus you will die in your own sin! So what did you do and what are you doing once you received or now that you have received Jesus? Without Grace you have nothing. Anyone that does not accept Jesus is following the law of people and no the grace of God.

This is where we kind of go on a different path by one person mention they were praying a prayer and forgot some of the word to the prayer – is that a bad  thing; is God mad at me now; I fall asleep when I pray am I that bored and should I feel bad about it? First of all you don’t need to pray a repeated prayer every night or morning. Just talk to God that is praying. The Lord’s Prayer is a model of how to pray. You don’t need to say it every Sunday or every day. Jesus said, “Pray in this manner” not pray this. Do not pray in Vain and just pray to God and open yourself up to him. God will not flush you because  you don’t say the same prayer the same way every time. If you fall asleep while prayer, well what better way is there than to fall asleep talking to the one you love.

Shifting Gears again. Deliverance is described as describing that God is a divine warrior. See David is a man after God’s own heart, but how was he when he had sinned many different times? The answer is David Repented and he Meant it. Repenting means that you turn away from the sin and not repeat the sin. Saying you are sorry and repenting are two different things.  “…right in God’s eyes” Can God say that you are right in his eyes? (The you in this meaning YOU who are reading this, each of us)  God has a response to moral behavior and that is,  you are moral and that’s a wonderful thing BUT what have you done with it. There are a lot of morally right people out in the world will l not and are not going to make it to heave because without God and accepting Jesus as the Christ in their heart there is no grace, mercy, or salvation for them. We have to accept this and not just believe it. The is so much more than just going to church every Sunday and sitting in the pew. Realize that you need God as well as you need to accept Jesus and there has to be a place and time when you do that.  You can say this simple prayer to do that, “ Jesus come into my heart – forgive my sins. I know and accept that you are Jesus the Christ and I can do all things through you who strengthens me.” After that, you start to live like that and reflect your actions upon the choices you make. To get into heaven you need to know that the cross is your reason to be in heave. *The cross referring to Jesus being nailed to the cross and taking our sins away* We HAVE to understand it all comes down to Jesus and it not about me, I. It’s about God. The Lord lives and his mighty acts are the proof.

Religion is reaching to God; Christianity is God reaching down and picking us up. This is the time of the falling away and then there will be a GREAT revival.

God chose us all and we are all preordained to be saved BUT we have to choice to accept this or not. We get to choose the path that we walk down. If God did not give us this choice it would take the Grace out and God wants us all at the cost that we choose to come to him.

The Bible is Life <3


Psalm 18 Continued

Where was everybody tonight? Oh well, to those who could not make love and prayers travel with you. We did have a nice Bible Study tonight. Many questions were answered and many were raised. That means we’re learning something.

Last week we didn’t finish Psalms 18 so we picked up tonight on Verse 43.

So beyond the victory that David has won he also won the victory with God. What is his reward? David’s high position is not only that he is king but that the Messiah, Jesus, will descend through and from him blood line. David himself does not know this but God chose David because God wanted his human form, Jesus, to come from someone who was after his own heart.

48- Deliverance; this is not only speaking about David being delivered but also is referring to Jesus’ death and resurrection. When Jesus rose he conquered death/hell/Satan. A lot of what Psalms is about not only covers David but is also about the Messiah. The question was raised, if you didn’t tell us that here in Bible Study how would we make that connection? The answer: You can pick on this by the language. For example, when it speaks of Salvation it is speaking about Jesus because Jesus is Salvation.

Chapter 19

This chapter is deep in theological thinking how does man understand God (humans trying to reach God). The more we understand the more we don’t know. So what is the purpose of creation? To have fellowship with God as well as to glorify God. The Old Testament is all about pointing us up and towards God. The more we understand the more we get a sense of who we are. In God’s heart we are so valued so much and he created everything for us. The elegance of nature is extended and speaks to the deity of God. What are the odds that it’s by chance or the big band theory happened? Trillions and trillion and trillions to one. This isn’t a freaky thing that came together. So how about the sun what does it bring you? “Wrinkles”-one woman exclaimed. Light warmth and happiness. Without the sun it is dark and depressing. The sun points to God and how great and infinitefFor the Great Creator really is. Going off topic we started talking about plats pointing up to God and when was the last time you saw a fire bush? All in all the law is guidance teaching and instruction. God’s law is made to help us go forward. God’s truth warns us against sin, to keep the truth, and to find a reward in a fulfilling life. God must live in our hearts and David realized that we can all live a blameless life before God which brought us to Westley’s aspects of grace, highlighting particularly on Sanctification.


Psalm 20

The chief musician aka David

When reading this – you means insert your name here

7- contrast between the flesh and the spirit. There’s a greater power of God. Don’t trust in the physical but trust instead in the spiritual

Offers and Sacrifices were/are very important they show the sincerity and today we would call that tithing. When our heart is right we want God’s will and are lined up with God making out desire to see God’s kingdom come here on this Earth. Our desire would be to WANT to help. Like here in the valley volunteer and help the Urban Mission. The concept of how to tithe is a blessing to you to give. You will be rewarded however; it would always be in physical rewards. There’s a Bishop in Germany known to many as Bishop Bling. The Pope caught wind of this and has now suspended this Bishop for not giving back to the people. We should be so humble have this theory of helping people.

4-5. Set up our Banner- Set up order. In our faith walk there’s an order of life – Spiritual Formation 1st we accept Christ as our Savior (faith) (salvation) then 2nd we have Sanctification – We need to take that leap of faith and learn that it is much better to give than it is to receive. You cannot out give God.

Christian Perfect does not mean a physical perfect on the outside but a perfection on the inside within our hearts. Humility. Perfection can occurs but those who attain it would never say they have because that’s not part of being perfect. An example of a perfect person would be Billy Graham.


Psalm 21

1-7. Watch your Bible if it says victory please replace the word with salvation. Salvation is a bolder word for victory. Rich Blessing and victory of David have been expressed in these verses. The king owned all that he was in charge and the king owed all that to God. The people only received a King because they Wanted a king so God gave them Saul. Well Saul sinned against God so God replace Saul with David.  God’s presence brings joy to our hearts. The most high is the titled that means God is among us and we can trust in him with all that we have.


8-15. Center is placed on the ultimate victory and no one will escape God’s judgment. Will this judgment be spontaneous or will we take a number and wait in a long line? Who cares as long as we make it. The connection between anger and fire is what? Fire you get hurt. You have a choice though in how you live. Because people go to hell it will show anger. God hurts when people go to hell because hell was not designed for people it was merely designed to keep Satan and the fallen angels. So we all have a one way ticket either up or down its our choice though.


Question- When Sacrifices started, was it because God asked?

Yes, when Adam and Eve first sinned there needed away for cleansing. To do their pure blood would need to shed. Had humans not sinned there would be no need for sacrifice.

All of what we’ve read so far are pieces that will lead to and make up the 23rd Psalm which is full of grace and hope and life.

God can do anything.


That’s it for tonight.


There will be no Bible Study next week due to Thanksgiving the next week.


Tonight at Bible Study we had a shortened study but none the less had a good one. He talked and prayed and Pastor Bill did a great job as always helping us to understand the word of God.


Psalm 21 vs8 to the end

The center attention is that this is God’s victory. Everyone will face a judgment both believers and non-believers. Again the connection between God’s anger and fire is that fire purifies and is righteous and because what is going to happen in the end. In the end there will be eternal damnation and hell will go into the Lake of Fire. Sinful people turn their back on God and God will always give them and everyone every opportunity to choose him. God’s strength will help us and we need to praise him for the victory.


Psalm 22

The first verse is also what Jesus, himself, says. Davis was in agony.

Who is the suffering servant? The suffering servant comes in the form of Jesus. God dwells where God is praised. In ancient Israel they resisted to praise God. Instead they chose to complain about him.

In verse 6) a worm – David compares himself to a worm because of the condition he is in and the work is as low as it can go. God’s eyes are always on us and when we feel this low it is the devil or yourself causing you to feel this not God. God wants to lift you up and he wants you to trust in and on him. The attack on David’s faith made him realize God is and has been with him since birth. This scene is pretty identical to Jesus going to and being on the cross on Calvary. David is prophesying what will happen to Jesus. After the suffering David sees a declaration of hope. Being delivered by the Lord, David praises him.  Many a times one will go through destruction but then they will be delivered and give Thanksgiving just like David did here, if they choose to. When you are at your lowest; God wants to raise you up to your highest. David’s vision is for all even those unborn.


Psalm 23

Very well know:


The Lord is MY shepherd- this is personal – my

I shall not want – God will give you what you need. God’s dominance over all the Earth. This Psalm was first sung when God’s Covenant was brought in.  We can enjoy creation because God allows us to. God is over everything- God build and gives us all the things that we need and all these things come together which he created.

This Psalm is meant for life and to give us hope. God watches over us individually.

NEED and WANT are two totally different words!

To walk in the path of righteousness we need spiritual and physical restoration to continue with the plans God has for us and he will provide that NEED for us.

Life and Death are not on opposite sides of the spectrum because when we die from this live we live in a new spiritual life form.

God is our host and he will make provisions for us. Goodness, Mercy, Salvation, and Grace are God’s ministry that we humans need the most and it will follow us through life.


Look at John 14:1

God is preparing a room for us. It took him days to create the universe, the earth but its taking thousands of years for him to prepare our rooms in heaven.


So when Adam and Eve were created they could use 100% of their mind. Hard to believe considering today, we use about 10% and with the technology come even going as low as 2%. Through the years humanity has definitely dumbed down. For real though God didn’t make unintelligent “Cave-Man” like humans. He created humanity in his image – intelligent humans that were able to name every animal and plant. There were different people from different regions that may have lived in caves but not “unintelligent cave-men”. After sin and humanity fell we don’t know what happened to our mind usage.


David has a rock-solid confidence in God. He didn’t wonder whether god was going to give him food to eat, clothes to wear or a place to live. Part of that confidence came out of David’s experience. In spite of all the scrapes and tight places he found himself in, God had never let him be hurt or go hungry. Part of that confidence comes from the fact that David knew God very well. He knew him like a best friend. He knew that God was and is kind loving and powerful. There was another reason that David could say “I shall not want”. All of David’s hopes and dreams were caught up in the Lord. Even if he had been forced to go without some of the things people consider necessities, he wouldn’t have missed them much. David’s relationship with God meant everything to him. As long as he knew god was leading him and that their friendship was where it was suppose to be David had the thing he wanted most. All the rest was extra. As you grow toward having the same attitude that David had you’ll see like David did that God never lets you go without the things you really need. He is the only thing you need most.

See also Is. 49:10 luck 12:29-31 John 6:35



Good Evening All!


What a lively group we had a Bible Study tonight. We were missing a few regulars but with all the chatter and story-telling we had tonight you never would have known. First and foremost to the start out Pastor Bill said a wonderful prayer. As Christmas is coming upon us there will be empty seats at tables and we send an extra prayer out to those friends and family who will be in the situation, a prayer of comfort and of assurance that God loves you and is still here for you.

Also, tonight’s Bible Study will be the last one until January 8, 2014. We are going to take a short winter break. If you have any questions through this time or want to talk we are still here for you!

Tonight we studied chapters 24 and 25 of Psalms, like I said a lively group.


Psalms 24

If you were wondering the Hill of the Lord that is being referred to is indeed Mount Zion.

This is again a Psalm of David. This is a psalm of instruction to God’s Kingdom. Psalms 24 is where many songs that are in the hymnals come from. This Psalm was most likely sung when the ark was brought into the city. The question arose- these psalms, were they sung like we sing songs today or were they more like a chant? Answer- there were drums horns and harps back then. We have to understand that God is the owner of all creation and the fullness refers to health and humanity, US!. Ownership is creatorship and who is the creator? God is. God built the Earth like a Person builds a house. The seas and waters are like the footers and foundation while the Earth and ground the walls and humanity the inside.

Jumping to verse 4 there is mention of “clean hands”. What is this referring to? This refers to humans having right actions and a pure heart. The inner condition of our heart is where perfectness starts. We must lift up our souls to God alone and be dedicated to him.

Verse 8 – mighty in battle refers back to exodus. The bathe continues through history and even today. God has defeated both Israel and our enemies. We need to live like victors because of this. We need to live victorious lives and not mope around like a dog with its tail between its legs.  Why has Israel always been at war one might ask? They have turned their backs on God so many times. Satan is going to tear them down and have them turn against each other as much as he can since they have been God’s chose people.

Political correction is snuffing the spiritual correctness in not only America but the world but hey, this is the Bible prophecy unfolding in front of you. Just remember in the end God’s people win! Nonbelievers will not inherit the king of heaven L


Psalm 25

This is David giving a personal prayer and that was a wisdom statement. He tells a sincere prayer  that begins with Trust and has a childlike faith, and the child like faith attitude is the kind of attitude that we need to have. Wanting to know more and learn more and more we help us to advance within each our faith walks. We also need to remember to be humble. In this is being ashamed is a lot like being disgraced and failing. Have you ever met someone that looks to God as just failing them? That place is not childlike faith. We need to remember that God’s answers are not always going to be what we want and when we want them. God’s plan is NOT always the same and we need to realize God’s answers do bring mercy, grace, and peace; even if we can’t see them in that moment.

Look at verse 4 and 5 > Psalm 25:4-5

New King James Version (NKJV)

Show me Your ways, O Lord; Teach me Your paths. Lead me in Your truth and teach me, For You are the God of my salvation; On You I wait all the day.

These verses are well worth to memorize, repeat, and even to use as a prayer.

God’s willingness to forgive/forget our sins is absolutely amazing. What do you think this would world be like if you (us, humans) forgive/forget? When you truly forgive someone you will forget it and for a human that means it will go to the back of your mind. Now that is not saying it will never come up again. The thought may resurface and if so you just forgive again and move on. Once again, this is because of the fall of humanity. God being righteous means he doesn’t mean he wants retribution. He doesn’t want that one bit. God wants to pour all his lover, mercy, and truth out. These are the riches of life and God wants US, humanity, to have them! We receive these riches because of what Jesus did for us.

Psalm 25:16

New King James Version (NKJV)

16 Turn Yourself to me, and have mercy on me, For I am desolate and afflicted.


This is God turning to us and that our hearts desire should be God. David is alone without God there beside, but with God, David can face anything and everything.

A verse 18 talk about David’s prayer is never far from divine forgiveness and David needed this divine forgiveness from God as many times as we all do. David knew he made mistakes and he turned from them and turned to God. Being pardoned does not remove the sin but God’s grace does save us alone and we are saved to be reborn and renewed.

The prayer in verse 22 is to heal all of Israel, not just David, himself.

Chapter 25 can reflect upon all of us and if you are living for Christ the more the Devil will come after you and try to obtain you. When the Devil isn’t chasing you, that’s when you should worry, because that’s when he has already won you.


Sin is fun. The Holy Spirit will tell you what is wrong though and just like a child when you do something really wrong you will feel really bad.

Finishing out this Bible Study we sat around talking about random acts of kindness, one person shared a story about how a total stranger paid for their food when they went through the drive thru , another talk about buying diapers and giving food to a person with a cardboard sign opposed to just giving them monies.  If you do something for the right reason then it’s between them and God if they are doing it for the wrong reasons.


Have a wonderful night.

God Bless and I will write again soon.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – Yes, I am telling you Merry Christmas, if you have a problem with that too bad.



Good evening and happy New Year everyone.

It is so nice to be sitting here tonight looking over my notes from bible Study and know that God always has our backs. Here’s to wishing you a new year of renewed hope and joy, that you find salvation, and that God’s mercy and love showers upon you.


Pastor Bill starts out with prayer and then we begin.


Psalm 26:

This is a Psalm of David about deliverance and to motivate a person to look at their life and invite God in. David is saying, “God look at me. I am innocent and want you to judge me.”  From the way David writes this Psalm most likely took place before his bad decisions and his fall. Although in this text David says a common sin, Pastor Bill explained that God sees a sin for a sin it is not saying a common versus a royal sin. Now David is asking God to refine him like when we refine gold.  David confesses God’s grace. He definitely is pointing out the face that through God’s grave we as humans can walk in God’s righteousness.  We ended this chapter by really looking into the last verse. Some bibles say blameless others say integrity either way these verses 11&12 talk about God giving us a flat place where our feet won’t slip that God has placed David and would like to place us in a very close place to himself; like that old song “Standing on the Promises”.  The fact that David has the salvation of God does separate him from the wickedness that is made mention to in this chapter.

Psalm 27:

This is again a Psalm of David. This chapter is about having faith even when you’ve been tested.  We need to take courage and understand that through the tests God is with us. God’s answers aren’t always what we want to hear, I mean let’s be honest- they are rarely what WE want they are what God knows we NEED.  David is declaring a true faith and by that we need to follow that and know that there is always hope. As we look more into the chapter we see a famous line, “whom shall I fear”. When God is the light and strength that we meditate on we have no fear. Someone asked when do these Psalms take place again? A lot of David’s writings are taking place while David is on the run from King Saul. David is on the run because Saul wants his son, Jacob, to be king and not David therefore out of a jealous rage Saul is trying to find and kill David. Back to Verse 2 we see that “Eat up my flesh” is graphic and means destruction by the wicked by means of slander. We see the desire to dwell and to put God first.

Flip to Phillipians 3: 13/14

Philippians 3:13-14

New King James Version (NKJV)

13 Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, 14 I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

This is our goal, our calling so to say.  When we dwell in God we have that assurance. We look for a physical thing or outcome when we pray but so many times the outcome of our prayers may not come while we’re alive but after. Things can change all the time. The key is when we are saved “Vs 5/6” God will be with us. There is a safety and security to those who trust God. There should always be joy because God is with us.

Look at verse 6 what does your version say  – Seek God’s face and go into the presence of God. Not only with affection but out of free will. When a person knows fellowship with God and loses it the loss is horrific. So many folks that find the fellowship know that when you have it, truly have it, there’s no way you’d want to turn away. God’s love and care for us is even deeper than a parent. God will NEVER let you down, just hold onto that. When we take courage God gives us strength to get through things.


Psalm 28:

Another Psalm of David in which we need to understand where David was coming from in the Old Testament. David was under just the Law but we are under the law AND grace AND mercy of God. So this Psalm of David is both a prayer of deliverance from death and praise that God hears him.  Therefore we lift our hands in prayer. In the Old Testament, it was believed that people would pray that other would get what they had coming to them. Now we pray to forgive then and for guidance, and that their hearts are changed. Praying for someone plants a seed and opens a door to their hearts to know God. God will help. Sometimes you have to prayer “Whatever it takes God, it’s in your hands” We, none of us, deserve God’s grace it is a gift to us. Everything God has given us. Inside there is a void that only God can fill. That is why humanity was made – for relationship and fellowship with God, especially our souls.

We are God’s chosen – us people that is.


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God Bless and prayers.


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Lets just dive right into Bible Study tonight.

Led and given insight by Pastor Bill Westling. There’s so much I could say about tonight. This Bible Study is more than just a Wednesday night at church. Learning about the truth and the Bible with these people is always so exciting and filled with learning. They say you can learn 1 new thing a day but on Wednesdays it feels like I learn a million new things. Thank you for the questions, explanations, understanding, insights, and most of all the TRUTH.

Psalm 29

This Psalm is about God’s glory both on earth and in heave. Some Bibles use the word “unicorn” but in this context is translate to wild ox and does not mean unicorn that is a mythical character.  Within Psalm 29 David celebrates God and we read “God” 18 times. In short the chapter is saying God controls and is in control of everything.  Looking though the verses the phrase “mighty ones” refers to the sons of God meaning the “Angels” or “Heavenly Hosts” who are a creation of God’s and give glory and praise to God. This being said if Lucifer was an angel and he chose to leave God does that mean Angels have “Free Will”? No! Angels have a choice and they can walk away from BUT once they walk away they can never come back because they are walking away and out of God’s presence. Humans have free will and while they live on earth they may chose to turn or fall from God BUT they can turn back and come back to God by asking him for forgiveness. This being brought up you may start to wonder angels in heaven wait will we know people or know each other when we get to heaven? The key about heaven is when we get there we will all be brothers and sisters in Christ; we will not have a human marriage or human love. We will know and recognize each other. Everything in heaven will be washed by the blood and forgiven because the blood of Jesus has washed away all of our sins. So what is Christianity and Religion? Christianity is God reaching for us while Religion is man-made and humans reaching for God. If we, as humans, love the Lord our God with all our heart it will all fall into place like following the 10 commandments. In most of the Old Testament we see the fear of God but in this chapter we see a Holy life where sin is gone. We also get to see God 7 times the voices in verses 3-9. While in verse 7.) the flames of fire refer to lightening- what is lightening? It is power and energy. God’s spirit empowers and energizes us. For God’s people all this power focuses on the promise of peace! Verse 10.) God remains; even when life throws situations at us that are not ideal and are just plain crazy like 9/11/01. God doesn’t cause these events but he uses them to help us grow and mature in our faith. We, as humans, have no idea why these things happen but they do. All we can do is learn that God is better and loves us throw them. The topic death. Death is not a bad thing people. It really is not the end. It’s a move, its moving  from physical to spiritual. Death is the beginning of forever. God didn’t bring death, we as humans did when we started the fall in the Garden of Eden. We were suppose to live forever. Don’t be mad at Adam and Eve though if it wasn’t them two others would have come along and caused the fall, it was inevitable so God sent Jesus as his contingency plan because he gave us freewill.


Psalms 30:

Wow, is David an emotional rollercoaster or what in this chapter? Even though David’s thoughts are going everywhere and in every which way he is still seeking God. In this chapter David is running toward God to escape his enemies and find defense, fellowship and protection. With God, nothing can be taken away spiritually- not heaven or salvation from accepting Christ. Nothing unless you decide from your free will to turn your back on God. (There is still hope if you (as humans) do for you ask forgiveness and pray) This Psalm is always a Psalm of thanksgiving an expresses many types of trouble. Every person can use this psalm because every person needs healing for they struggle from something and this can bring help to your heart if you really pray for it. This Psalm was actually a song that was sung as an invitation to come together to give worship and give thanks. If your look at verse 5 it is used as a verse in popular praise and worship songs today. So how about this- God gets angry sometimes but his anger only lasts for a moment it is parallel to the joy that comes in the morning and that joy lasts forever. Joy comes from God’s mercy and grace when it started on the cross. Now let’s take a glance at David’s life>>he went UP then down then UP then down then UP.  David’s life wasn’t smooth and he brought a lot of the things that happened upon himself like many of us humans do BUT when David noticed that he was starting to fall he’d go back to devoting his life time and praise to God & ran at full speed to be a man after God’s own heart. Side note sack cloth means low to high.


So that was tonight, hope you enjoy leave your questions and comments below and feel free to tag someone 🙂


God Bless <3

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How about we all start with praying for some warm weather eh?


Let’s dive in:


Psalm 31


This is another Psalm of David. In this Psalm David is seeking deliverance and acceptance. He has a lot of emotions going on and this is how he works through it. He talks, well writes, sings, chants about his problems. David is trying so hard to put his whole trust in the Lord and we need to understand that when we fail we are NOT disgracing God nor are we a disgrace to God.  Also, God will not fail us.

The cool thing about Christianity is that we don’t have to defend Jesus because Jesus did nothing wrong. We can share Jesus with the world around us. Share his love, mercy and grace. David is encouraging himself in God. David is telling God that he trusts him.  That even though the world is against him, God is for him. That applies to today as well – Even though the world may be against us, God is for us. We do tend to overlook this and even bury it. The more we walk and grow in our faith walk though the stronger our faith will become and we never will go through something in which the result will better us. (Though the better may sometimes be on the other side)

Jumping to Verse 7~It is a beloved verse highlighting on the fact that God you know us and you pay attention to us – Thank you! God wants to set us free from our enemies’ traps and give us different choices we can choose to follow. If we follow God’s plan we find the true joy, plan, and purpose to our lives.

The ungodly will parish because God can NOT look upon sin and we need to lay it down. We have stuff we need to deal with as it is a lifelong process.

Verse 11~ why’s he say that? Think of Job. So many times outside people compound the things we go through. The world is trying to bring us down even though we are trying. No matter what you do someone will always be critical of you.

Verse 14~ This is a personal relationship or a commitment. Davis is putting God on top and understands his dependence on God is all he needs to get through his situations. A lot of the things David went through were actually BLESSINGS in disguise. We have to understand we need to look to God and for God and we will see God’s hand making a positive difference.

Verse 15~This is a statement of affirmation

Look into Romans 8:28 – ALL things NOT SOMEthings. Glory to God be revealed to us.

Look at Jon 14. It took 6 days for God to make all this but he is still working on your room in his mansion. That is going to be a pretty awesome room.

David calls God to look at him in favor.

Why is God our father? We are adopted sons and daughters of His, God loves, wants, and accepts all of us but we have a choice. God created us and wants us to be Him but he created us with a choice.

Take a logical look at God. Really look for Him with an open heart and open mind and don’t forget to pray, pray, and pray. God is all around us.

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Thanks and God Bless

Good Evening.

Boy, was it great to be back in the swing of Bible Study back on Wednesday. Last week was fun at the Dinner/Auction the Men’s Group Sponsored but it wasn’t the same as Bible Study. Tonight we had a great discussion. I almost didn’t keep up! We even had some donuts and muffins. Hope you enjoy tonight’s study. Feel free to share/like/comment and/or tag. God Bless! **I apologize in advance for grammatical errors**



Psalms 32

This psalm is one by King David that us not just a prayer of contemplation but is also a prayer of thanksgiving to God for forgiveness. David is in celebration of God’s divine pardon from his sins. All David, and all we, have to do is ask. God pours his judgment on the sins that we don’t confess; he forgives us for the ones we do confess and loves us oh so much. This psalm is about David confessing his experience. While and when David stayed silent he had an inward struggle and conflict with God. However, when he confessed his sins and spoke to and with God again he felt a relief and joy.

What happens to you when you confess your sins? Does it make you feel “lighter” more relieved?

David is talking about God’s teachable Spirit and how we need to have the spirit that is open to teaching. Verse 6 and 7- an open spirit to what God has for us. We need to open up to God about WHATEVER he wants us to have not what we want. “Mercy shall surround” This does not mean that you won’t have trouble as a Christian. This means we will go through trials and we will go through tribulations BUT with God by our side, walking ahead of us, as well as behind WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS. Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves we should be open to God and give joy. Verse 8 says – GOD IS SPEAKING (are you listening)?


Say what we just finished chapter 32? Yes, we did-so grab another donut 33 is up next.


Psalm 33

The book of Psalms itself is full of Praise and Worship songs. Turn on 88.9 (FM) and you’ll hear some different ones with in the fir 15minutes of listening. 88.9 is American Family Radio a station that we support as a church.

From this Psalm one thing that stood out was that “If a Nation has God as their head and what they look to, the nation will be blessed”. So let’s look at America for example – so many years America held God up high and looked to him for wisdom love peace encouragement and inspiration; and America prospered and was good. Now, God is being taken out of school out of the Pledge out of our buildings and America is going downhill. We are too worried about the minority that the majority doesn’t mean anything anymore. We all need to reevaluate ourselves and worry/care more about our souls and eternity rather than our jobs and our physical lives. Take a look at the sinners out there (that means look in the mirror too) and pray for them (and yourself). Don’t worry so much about being politically correct focus on being spiritually correct!


This Psalm has all that we need as a “circle of spiritual life” such as starting in a song of praise – focusing on creation – knowing God is a sovereign ruler – trust in God. Praise in the Spirit is essential in worship because if you say that you don’t get anything out of a service or spiritual event then what Is it you are putting into it? God deserves our best and our everything so that we can give him. Verse 5 empathizes that the message is NEVER corrupt or deceitful.  What you hear and read always needs to line up with what the Bible says.

What does it mean by the deep? It means that God is in control. Think back when the Red Sea was parted:  God held back the sea on both sides. God spoke it, He said, “LET IT BE”. God’s divine will was to create everything.

What separates Christians from many other religions and even from colts is believing in the Trinity of God the Father, God the Son, and The Holy Spirit. Look at John 1 – In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Discussion Moment:

So God spoke it instead of molding it? So could this signify how powerful speech really is and can be? This shows that speech started out goo. Think about it – if you get punch (molded) the physical pain can and will heal. If your feelings are hurt they are damaged and always remembered. The tongue may be the smallest muscle but it is the most powerful.

So “All the Earth” will fear. Fear in this sense means respect or holy reverence; wanting to please God.

The plans of people/humans is constantly different and contrasts from the plans of the Lord. Our plans just don’t line up with God and in those moments we need to let God’s plans take over and rejoice in what he gives us. God wants to lay our plans down for us to follow. So what do we do in the meantime? If I lie my plan down, now what? Do I just wait or will/do I know God’s plan? Ask yourself this- Do you feel fulfilled? Can you spread Jesus in the situation you’re in at the job you’re at? If not, God will yank you from “your” plan and but you where you should be.

The Lord knows. God formed our hearts together, He created the “human” personality and DNA. For this reason God is the ONLY one who can judge us. He is the only one who truly understands. No one or nothing can meet out human needs BUT God. He sees and cares. Our soul awaits and God always gives us that “You’re Okay”.


How about one more Chapter? We were off for 2 weeks.

Psalm 34

Fear the Lord <3 Try replace fear with “respect” or “reverence”

This is such a beautiful Psalm. David is experiencing the Lord. David is Depending on him. Were like little dust specs compared to everything in the universe yet God loves us. He loves us so much. David is expressing such gratitude and is experiencing God in a new way. As a follower of Jesus Christ we need to continue to praise God for everything from small to big- from our trials to our triumphs. If we have Holy Fear then we have nothing to fear. Someone can physically hurt us but they can’t eternally hurt our souls.


Have you ever seen a “New Born” Christian? One with fire and passion that is hungry for God with a new radiance that shines? They have these 2 attributes that we all need to keep a hold of and that is:

  1. Holy Fear
  2. Being in “AWE” of God

Coming to and listening to God is how we will attain wisdom.

Jesus had to die on the cross. This wasn’t God’s first plan this was his “back-up” plan. Blood needed to be shed from a perfect human and that had to be Jesus.

So where are we? We as in Christians?

This is the 21st century. Things we never thought would happen in our lifetimes are happening before our eyes. We’ve become a Godless society.

We don’t need to stand up and start a fight! We need to stand up for the truth and give that outcome to God! Our Savior Jesus Christ and the Bible is offensive because it gives the truth. The truth is not going to lie to you – that’s not it’s nature. We need to put God back and we need to experience God in EVERY area of our lives. We need to pray – pray for our government and our leaders. Look at Billy Graham!

There is no divine deliverance for those who stick to their sinful ways. They and you must break away and strive.

Strive for God and be a man after God’s own heart; like David.

good evening all those reading this tonight. I am trying something new am recording these notes via my cell phone because my laptop broke and I want it 2 still post so Wednesday night Bible study at Brentwood. I apologize in advance for silly mistakes but here goes nothing. Lets start out with a quick prayer for everyone whether you are sick healthy rich poor old or young.


Psalms 35 after reading this chapter pastor Bill and stuff if we had any comments what if anything out to us one person noted if God didn’t help David through his trial David still have rejoiced this comes from vs 18 and 20 the way this person’s Bible read made it sound like God would not have help however if you use that Bible as well as looking at a translation Bible you will see that the Bible that was in use was paraphrasing there is a difference. You need to look at more than one Bible as sometimes the wording can be confusing. David feels persecution/ there are 3 parts to this

David Complains – has vindication- has hope. He looks at God as a mighty warrior and for protection while David is speaking in terms a lawyer would speak in. David is looking to God to fight his battle. He is saying “God, I need you to fight these battles because I can’t do it on my own.” David’s faith is no rocky through this chapter. David is praying against his enemies.
Pastor Bill asked us – Why did they hate David? Well it was the Devil who hated David because David is a man after God’s own heart and the devil is using evil through the people to attack David. Several Psalms are known as the cursing Psalms: chapters 35 59 69 70 109 137 19 and 140. . These Psalms are prayers in which the person praying wants God to afflict the evil doers with punishment. The psalms come in strong Hebrew and they believe that God punished for wrong doing. God would avenge the evil doer with just punishment and we must be clear in our understanding and careful in our evaluation of the psalms. First of all it may represent personal emotion out of vindictiveness against bitter enemies but they are fundamentally pleas for the righteous judgment of God on those who resist God and God’s purposes. These pleas rise out of the Hebrew conviction that God administers justice in life on /in every person or receive what is justly deserved here and now. Second we must remember that poetry is filled with strong emotions that are expressed by the use of strong language. So why does god permit such language in the inspired scriptures? To Teach US! Christians must correctly stress love for people but not become apathetic towards sin and evil deeds. We must love but at the same time we hate the sin. We show the sinner love we invite them in but we let them know that their sine (just like our sine – you and me both) will hurt you/them in the end. Christian’s in today’s society need to stand up and let it separate us! We need to be spiritually correct instead of politically correct. Too many people sugar coat sin but we need to be honest! People need to know that the Bible is offensive BUT the bible is true and will give you eternal life. To end up the chapter we look at how David is being accused of things and actions he was innocent of. David know the things he did wrong and knew that he DID do MANY things wrong that God did not approve of and he repented for those sins BUT now he is being accused of things he didn’t commit. How would YOU feel in this situation?? Also, David is hurt but he still shows compassion like in verse 13. People who David once showed compassion to were not showing him any compassion now. Plus that is being referred to as a sign of mourning when David said his prayer would return he meant it. David has no problem telling God that God should have acted before he did at the same time there’s absolutely no question that David believed that God would act and David was ready to give God praise. And thanks. Such worship of God was met a private matter of the Old Testament saints. Skipping to vs. 19-28 they hated without cause. Their accusations make them David’s enemy that are shamelessly testifying against. David will appeal to God for vindication the basis for his peace is he is certain God will answer his prayers.



Chapter 36 David grapples with the power of evil men in light of the truth of God’s greatness. Destructor includes elements of a lament and a hymn. The poem concludes with a player of God’s grace and Allies of God’s people. What is an Oracle? It is a message from God or God speaking to your heart. There is a proper dear God which is known as holy reverence. failure to acknowledge God holy Lord ship leaves the attractions of evil without check we also talked about this in last week’s Bible study he doesn’t want you to be scared what you want you to have a fear that you want to serve Him the Phil YouTube knowledge lead us in a weak moment it leads us to do said to just not care and to give into evil so apparently 5&6 are a praise song I don’t know a place on this is the pastor Bill started singing and no one else can figure out this so if you know what praise please comment with the title-thank you.

So we also have an alternative way of life this highlight the attributes of God. This is best described by recalling mercy, faithfulness, righteousness, and loving kindness. When we live in fellowship with God we emulate those qualities in our lives. A comment was made that sometime we suppress things. So like what if God was as moody as humans were and are. I don’t know about you but I would be pretty scared if God had mood swings like I do. We need to learn to say God I don’t understand this but got this, teach me, I need understanding. What we to seek God for wisdom and ask for knowledge. You can read the bible everyday but every time you read it you’re at/in a different point in your life. It’s not the bible changed – you changed. You can see the verses differently. In this chapter God is referred to as the “mama bird”. Have you ever seen a mama bird protect her babies? She stretches out her wings to protect and keep them safe. We also get to see the rich expression of the abundance of God’s love that is born out of the experience of one (David) who knows God’s grace. Look at all of what David went through and he shares with us so that we may look at the teachings and not have to go through everything he went though. But from his mistakes we see the beautiful expression he gives us from the firsthand experience. God is not the only source of LIGHT but his is our source of LIFE. Jesus is often referred to as the light of the world and Jesus there is no darkness and with god we are protect. Also look into

John Chapters 4: 7-15

John Chapter 1: 5-7

Through God’s loving kindness in righteousness we are given protection against evil. So why don’t we as humans be at peace for saying I don’t understand? We are in a world that wants what we want right now opposed to waiting and letting god give it to us in his time. Pastor Bill explains more that are you further yourself more in your faith walk the easier the peace will start to come and you’ll see the understanding. You start actually believing that god has it and you don’t just knowhat you believe you COMPLETELY trust god and look for him in every situation instead of going from Start to Finish you look at the middle. The apostles look they won! Peter understood in understanding. If you look at all but peter went through he denied God, but he turned it around and you can see the good that came from his life. God’s amazing grace comes through horrible situations can goods things can happen and they will. God doesn’t cause the bad but he will use it. We as humans don’t understand the ultimate plan God has but he will take beaut from ashes. We need to see that right now we are in the human part but soon enough we will be in the spiritual part. Everyone is put here for a purpose even if it just a smile at a certain person at a certain moment. We should live each moment as if that moment is our purpose! (This is what one of the bible studiers commented) each day is a beautiful gift. Tell God I don’t understand but I’m going to serve you. We don’t know and we don’t understand but the longer you walk with Jesus the less you will question and the more you will learn to live to walk, to breathe, and to try to do everything with all you have. God is good and we need to give Jesus to all those around us.


that concludes tonight Bible study again I do apologize for any grammatical and or spelling mistakes I stated before I am using a new recording piece on my phone due to computer technical problems I hope that you understand tonight’s Bible study if you have any questions feel free to comment or send a message and either pastor Bill or I will further explain what was meant thank you and have a great night.


Good Evening!

Let’s not waste any time and just jump right into the study – sound good?


Psalm 37
This chapter speaks to a lot of times when we wonder, “Why evil people prosper”. Look at it in this format – the evil people may prosper here but in eternity they’ll have nothing. So where does it really count, eternity sounds a lot longer than possibly a hundred years here on earth.

David is trusting in the Lord. Within this chapter many of these verses can be compared to Proverbs and how they are written. David is putting his trust in God through his everyday living situation. No matter what David goes through he has that trust in God.
In the long run if they don’t have Jesus then they have nothing. We can’t be consumed by what other people have. The most import thing for us all to have is Jesus and he is the only thing that will give you true satisfaction!

There are 4 parts to having our fear dissipate:

  1. Trusting
  2. Dwelling
  3. Delighting
  4. Committing

To Jesus and God.

When you look at the word trust it is the opposite of the word Fret.

So er commit our ways to God and we will know the outcome will be good. No matter how bad the situation may seem the outcome will be good.

Vs. 7 Rest in this sense refers in ceasing from things – observing the Sabbath (spending time with God) and to have peace from and to God.

We must concentration on God

Vs 9. What does inherit the earth mean? That the New Heaven and New Earth will be among us and we will inherit it and have all that we need.

What did God do before the fall in the Garden of Eden? God gave it to humans (Adam and Eve) to be in charge of and take care of

You will gain a peace that passes understanding and that comes when you give your whole life and forfeit your plans to God.

God’s plan/will is not the same as Our plan/will and God’s will supersede our BUT not everyone will choose to follow God’s plan.

God will put every opportunity in someone’s path for them to be saved but it is their choice in the end. God will not force you to be saved but he WANTS everyone human to be saved.

So you’re praying for someone or something over and over and over and over and over again, should you stop? No! Keep praying no matter if it is the same thing, for the same person, or the same prayer.

*Just keep praying, just keep praying*

If we would just listen to God’s plan and do as the Bible instructs then we would have a much easier walk.

There is an unseen presence inside each of us who are saved and unsaved people will perish.

There are only 2 states you can be in. you are either

  1. Saved


  1. Unsaved

All in or none at all.

God delights when you follow him.

The possibility of human failure must be acknowledged, however do not surround yourself with it, We, as humans, will mess up but the beautiful and cool thing is you pray about it, repent and ask of forgiveness and you keep going with your faith walk. When you are sincere when you repent God’s grace will wash your sin away. In the end you will be bless BUT you must remember it might not be here as an earthly thing.

Vs 27-29 is the Old Testament teaching of fundamental justice.  Jesus comes in and says though he did not come to destroy the law but to uphold it. This being said the law is no longer a burden but a desire and a delight to obey.

When we come to the place where we follow God, upholding the law will just come naturally and we won’t have to worry, it will just fall into place.

Waiting on the Lord means being patience with God and we look at God.

While we wait we grow.

It may be hard but it is worth it.

When you’re having a moment just say a sentence pray.

VS 32 33 ~ evil people want to take Christians out BUT the Lord will not Leave or forsake us.

Psalm 38

This psalm focuses on repentance along with the consciousness of sin and the quietness of God’s grace. In this chapter David is recounting all of his bad doing and his bad choices.

There is such thing as the Holy Ghost Conviction and the more you ignore it the easier it is to ignore. This Holy Ghost Conviction is what David is going through.

A conviction feels like Visible Pain.

Spiritual problems will manifest into Physical Problems -> Fear or Depression

The language that is being spoken reflects figurative language but it is a condition in your soul.

So David is recalling all the things from his past doings that he has hurt himself and his faith walk in both the physical and spiritual brokenness and he is seeing the he is in desperate need of a one on one relationship with God.

When you are Spiritually healthy your physical being will be better too! Kind of compare this to seasonal depressions in the sense that the weather is bad you are sad but the weather is sunny you’re better. (Seasonal depression is more than just that is a serious thing – not trying to make it sound light just using it as an example. If you go more into your spiritual and physical wants and needs just like the depression there are most certainly more factors)

David feels no support from his loved friends or family therefore Davis suffering from depression. Most of the stuff that happened to David happened through Self Infliction.

Deep down in David there is righteousness.

Where can the enemy attack David the most? David’s faith. They know this and that is why the act how they do and how the Devil grabs a hold of them the way he does and uses them to try to break David.

David’s final plea is not of despair bit of acknowledgment and shows his faith In God.


Bible Studier comments à the most important concept to remember is irresistible grace. God has chosen us (humans). As we pray in the Spirit God give us the words of utterance and when we come to the confidence in God & not in us and we will look at the God who will restore. Pastor Bill -Keep in mind though that people still have to choose to accept this.

Bible Studier à The sense of Prayer is that God will give us what we should pray. God will accomplish what we set out to do. You can’t pray too much to God. **Romans chapter 8

Pastor Bill – if you know God you never go too far away from him and God will give you every chance to come back if you choose to. God will never walk away from you even when we walk away from him.

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