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  • Psalm 55 & 56

    Psalm 55 & 56

    Chapter 55 This Psalm of David is also a lament that reflects strong emotions and a sudden change of thought. Violent enemies and betrayal by a friend caused David to complain to God. David was agitated in his soul and has terrors of death to show because David is scared that he is going to […]

  • Psalm 52,53,54

    Psalm 52,53,54

    Psalm 52 Who is this Psalm directed to? David is the author and he is directed it to Saul, yet at the same it is talking to anyone who is an evil-doer.  This time frame would be during David’s like when Saul turns out of jealousy and tries to kill David. The theme of this […]

  • Psalm 51

      Chapter 51 This psalm of David is one of the richest theological portions of the OT which teaches us about God, humanity, sin, and salvation. The experience of David in this psalm brings us close to the NT concept of heart holiness. Psalm 51 consists of an appeal, a confession of sin and its […]

  • Psalm 50

    Psalm 50 This is a powerful description of God’s judgment not appropriate for worship. Everything here on earth is God’s and he lets us use it. We are only care takers here and now. This Psalms helps us to see and understand God is a God of love but he is also a God of […]

  • Psalm 48 + 49

    Psalm 48 + 49

    Good evening! So how was your day? Mine was pretty good. This Bible Study made it even better. I have to tell you that what you read tonight is just of what we discussed regarding the chapters. There were many times that we were off topic but to try and type and explain it would […]

  • Psalm 45 and some off topic conversation <3

    Psalm 45 and some off topic conversation

    Good evening my fellow Bible Studiers! Try and keep up tonight, the study gets quite interesting and do feel free to comment you thoughts or ask questions if you are confused or concerned with anything. Happy Reading:   PSALM 45 Read over the chapter – does anything jump out at you?   Yes, in verse […]

  • Psalms Book2 Chapters 42;43;44

    Psalms Book2 Chapters 42;43;44

          March 20, 2014 It’s that time of the week again. We’ve come together to study Book 2 of 5 in Psalms Chapter 42 This chapter (and 43) were both written by the son of Korah. This chapter express the suffering or the pain when one is away from God after having a […]

  • Bible Study at Brentwood Psalms 39 40 41

    Bible Study at Brentwood Psalms 39 40 41

    Click here to read Chapters 1-38 Good Evening and traveling mercies to all who have to drive or have been driving in this weather. Though our numbers were small our hearts were mighty, and they still are! So let begin – by the end of tonight’s Bible study we will have finished the first book […]

  • American Family Radio 88.9FM

    American Family Radio 88.9FM

      Have you ever just wondered to yourself why do I learn and worship about and to  Jesus on Sunday Morning or Maybe you go to a Bible Study Wednesday and think only Sunday and Wednesday? It’s not that you don’t want more but your schedule is just so tied up its almost impossible. What […]

  • Bible Study Notes

    Bible Study Notes

    Hello!! The following notes are from Bible Study that we have on Wednesday Nights at 7pm. We are currently studying the Book of Psalms. Directions to Brentwood These notes are in no way in a Business Format and there are going to be Spelling errors and Fragments because they are just notes. These notes are […]