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After Announcements on Sunday Mornings, the children have a chance to come up from for a 10 minute Children’s Chat. The topics range from “What do you see in the front of the church” to “Is it okay to celebrate Holidays”. The quick snippet of information engages the children (and sometimes the congregation) that then leads into the church sermon and the children to Junior Church.

Our Junior Church is designed to teach and reach children with the Word of God in a way in which they  learn and have fun in their own Sunday Morning service! It is a time packed with  teaching, Scripture games, music, and much more.

Did someone say VBS?

Vacation Bible School, or VBS, is a fun-filled program that takes place in the summer (“vacation”) months, to connect with the children and families in the communities. Vacation Bible School is an outreach meant to bring in children  and to teach them the gospel.

A little Bit of Background on VBS:

Vacation Bible School began in the 1890s. A New York doctor’s wife wanted to find a way to keep children off the streets in the summertime, and so she rented a large beer hall in the East Side in order to conduct what she called “Everyday Bible School.” Her idea expanded, and eventually the New York City Baptist Mission Society established several of these Bible schools around the city.
A man named Robert G. Boville, formerly of the Baptist Mission Society, was key in the program’s expansion to other cities around the country. By 1907, he had established a national committee for Vacation Bible Schools.
Today, Vacation Bible School is a popular summer activity for Christians and non-Christians alike. Churches generally run Vacation Bible School for a week, and each program has its own theme (medieval castles, water parks, the Old West, etc.) that children can explore. A week of VBS usually includes games, snacks, crafts, skits, and, of course, Bible lessons.

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Bible Study Notes

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Bible Study Notes

Hello!! The following notes are from Bible Study that we have on Wednesday Nights at 7pm. We are currently studying the Book of Psalms. Directions to Brentwood These notes are in no way in a Business Format and there are going to be Spelling errors and Fragments because they are just notes. These notes are to catch you up if you want to come to Bible Study BUT don’t know were we are or what has been discussed. Feel free to leave a comment after reading and we will respond if you have any questions or concerns. We’d love to hear your feedback.                 Good Evening,   For those of you who missed Bible Study at Brentwood Church tonight for any reason I thought I put some notes up so that you may read and catch up and even come join us next week in the BOOK OF PSALMS. Feel free to leave your comments questions or concerns and/or tag someone you know who may benefit from reading. It was a great time of fellowship shared amongst friends. Thanks   We started about 5 after 7 (PM that is) and Pastor Bill opened with prayer and then an overview: The BOOK OF PSALMS is book read frequently and has many different emotions in it. The book goes from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. There are many praises and prayers found throughout this book but most of all the purpose is to inspire us to worship. (Worship God that is)   The book of Psalms can be broken into 5 units: 1.)    Chapters 1-41 2.)    Chapters 42-72 3.)    Chapters 73-89 4.)    Chapters 90-106 5.)    Chapters 107 150 Through this book chapter 119 is the longest.   Chapter 1: As we started into chapter 1, the Pastor let us know that chapter one is like an introduction to the whole book of psalms. It describes the 2-ways of life: the way of the righteous and the end of the ungodly (or wicked). There is no middle no teetering on the fence. The righteous will go to heaven and the wicked will go to hell. Emphasis was put upon the first word “BLESSED”. This is the best word to use when describing the righteous; it is a form of congratulation. Upon reading verse 3, we stopped to discuss what the word “PROSPER” meant- which does NOT mean gaining material things like money cars or houses instead flourishing spiritually. Continuing through we went over the word “CHAFF” which was compared to the picking a dandelion, found in verse 4. Then in verse 5 discussed the differences of being judged. The righteous to be judge by them accepting Christ as their Lord and Savior and their sins being forgiven versus the ungodly with no excuse of why they rejected God. Verse 6 concluded chapter 1 by adding “For the Lord knows (and actively cares) for the way of the righteous, But the way of the ungodly (still loved) but shall parish, We stopped and talked amongst ourselves a bit and shared some stories about how to handle different questions a raised by friends and families.   Chapter 2: Pastor Bill gave us and over by saying (and sorry if spelling is incorrect) this...

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Welcome to Brentwood

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Welcome to Brentwood

We are so happy you stopped by. The only thing we’d love more is to meet you in the real world. Since you’re here, take a look around to get a feel for what you’ll find when you’re ready to visit. Visit us on Facebook: Visit our YouTube Channel: In Romans 5:8  it is said that ‘all are welcomed, by studying his word intently we see that this is...

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