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Along with Children Ministry we also offer special programs and special ministry for the Youth.

Although small but mighty Brentwood has a Youth Group in which they have cleverly named themselves: “B.U.M.” Youth.

Brentwood United Methodist Youth

This ministry meets on the third Sunday of the month from 5-7 pm. Ages 11 and up are what makes the group and they always have a great meeting. Throw the truth at them and be ready to engage in hours of fun and laughter while learning and engaging in the Bible and what it means to be a follower of Christ. This Group is like no other. They WANT to learn and listen when its time to study. Each meeting starts with a prayer and  a game of some sort- whether it be a Faith inspired board game or seeing who’s best at ping pong- then night continues with questions and answers, and exploration together. The night then concludes with a prayer and hugs. Whether you attend Brentwood or another church all youth (11 and up) are eligible and encouraged to attend. We’ll even pick you up if you call for a ride.
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Camp and Youth Outings:

Christian summer camps are one of the most popular and common types of camps in the United States, but many don’t realize the wide variety of Christian summer camps that are available to young people.  Brentwood helps to send youth to experience them.

These camps have water recreation, sports, eating camp food, crafts, archery, horseback riding and other activities are the focus of each day, and is offered by staff who are Christians and of hope to model and pass on Christian values in everything they do.

The camping experience uses a Bible Camp model.  Bible Camps emphasize Bible teachings, helping young people know God’s word, memorizing scripture, and practicing spiritual discipleship.  There are still times for recreation, but a religious emphasis is greater in these camps.  Times of small group Bible study or discussion and individual quiet times are also common activities with Bible Camps.

Youth Outings consist of simple things from going to Burger King to have a small meeting of Bible Study to going to the “Winter Youth Jam”- a big concert featuring many Christian Artists. Things vary depending on what the Youth want to do and what the season is they want to do it in.

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