Psalm 50

Psalm 50

This is a powerful description of God’s judgment not appropriate for worship. Everything here on earth is God’s and he lets us use it. We are only care takers here and now. This Psalms helps us to see and understand God is a God of love but he is also a God of wrath and we need to remember all aspects of Him. God called the earth Zion and if you remember from last week Zion, particularly Mt. Zion was called God’s earthly dwelling place. This reflects God’s glory. God’s judgment is like a fire and NOONE will escape it one way or another. Judgment is different for those who accept Jesus versus those who don’t accept Jesus. God will reveal to us at judgment all the things we did and didn’t do. We have to have faith and accept this. Part of eternal damnation will be a head game in which the person will remember all things. A person will especially remember all the times they could have accepted but rejected this choice and the only company they will have is the demons around them. They will see those people who have made it to heaven but the people in heaven will not see them.

There is also a time that is called “The Great White Throne” judgment. Both those dead and those alive will at that point be judged and will not have “another” chance once Christ comes back to “accept again” Right now there is a great falling away so we need to make sure that were right with God. We all live with regrets but can you imagine the kind of eternity that you will relive those regrets every moment. That is hell and demons will continuously taunt you.  Trying to justify the void you often feel in your life is not worth eternal hell. The Devil’s greatest trick is that “HELL IS A PARTY”. You can’t force someone to believe they have to do that on their own. They can go to church every week but they have accept Jesus opposing maybe they never go to church but they fellowship with other believers and accept Jesus – that is what it is worth. Church and Religion are manmade. Sometimes though people who believe are challenged so much more than those who do not believe nor accept and God will use our infuriates to make us stronger and lean onto him. He does not cause bad things, he does not always stop them, BUT he will ALWAYS use them to make a better ending. The ending though not always during our human time on earth but when we meet Him in heaven. Heaven and Earth have witnessed God’s covenant and glory through God allowing Jesus to be crucified on the cross. This allows the judgment to be a part of the covenant and because of this makes followers want to be like Christ. The people of Israel always turned to God making God their “partner” and when we / they broke this God then turned to the judge.


The offering brought judgment because of the attitude when giving the offering. God does not depend on us, we depend on Him and sacrifices are used and to be given out of a cheerful heart. Not because you have to but you want to. This is the only time God will say to us “”Test ME””. They sacrificed animals but today we don’t need to sacrifice animals. Offering pleases God the most when given from thanksgiving and the vows w make.

Vs.16) judgment to the wicked and hypocrite. There is a difference between knowing and doing.  We need a relationship NOT a religion.  Remember this!! God is silent, God lets them go and God lets them change. The ones that will accept will be with Christ and the ones that don’t will pay. There are times you need to stand up and not get walked on for what you believe; this is especially true with the Church as a whole in today’s world.

So what happens to a “good” person who does their best through their whole life but doesn’t accept Christ? They go to hell. Accepting Jesus as your Savior is how you get to heaven, he is the key to the gate. Good people think they earn their way in but they can’t they won’t. No one can earn salvation it is a gift from God.  If you don’t accept then you go to hell because of the original sin. This original sin causes all humans to be born in into sin and that is why we need salvation and we need grace. God will give you and me every opportunity to accept his son. You must be born again. There is hope because our job is to bring Jesus to other and lay the truth down for them. They decide to take and accept or not. If they don’t it is not our fault we are the messenger and take the joy of Jesus to everyone so they all at least know. We can’t understand as humans why God wants everyone because we want justice. The one that gossips on the porch is not better than Ted Bundy.  Thank God that if he can love the worst of the worse then think of how much He loves us. There’s no such thing as karma. We can’t figure grace out. When you let go of trying to understand that is when you will know better. When you understand just tell God. The cool thing is with scripture every time you read it, it can and usually means something different to you. This is because you are at different points of your life and its called growth and maturity. It’s like a rollercoaster; the highs are amazing and the lows aren’t that bad because you know you’ll go back up again. There no atheist in a foxhole. It’s funny that people try you get rid of church and God but yet where is the first place everyone turns during tragedy and heartache. The church is call or the preachers. For example shootings in schools or the day after 9/11. The church has to respond to this and we have to give them the HOPE of Jesus. Forgetting God is here is a lapse in our own lifestyle not our mind. True worshippers will rejoice and live appropriately. No one but God has the right to judge.


End with a prayer and read Romans 8:28

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