Psalm 52,53,54


Psalm 52

Who is this Psalm directed to? David is the author and he is directed it to Saul, yet at the same it is talking to anyone who is an evil-doer.  This time frame would be during David’s like when Saul turns out of jealousy and tries to kill David.

The theme of this Psalm is Judgment and Grace.

The things we approve of and we support are what shows our values. The foolish will boast in short-lived things. We need to boast about our eternal/spiritual souls. Things will be gone one day and when we leave this earth on the spiritual things such as our souls are what goes with us to heaven.

Evil à love to do evil & hurt others. Eventually evil will be punished unless they turn to God’s grace. The judgment is not immediate most of the times but like us, David wants it to be immediate.

Righteous need to come to see God and yet they also need to fear, in Holy Reverence, God and God alone. When we see a wicked person do not rebuke them, instead pray for them. It doesn’t matter how you pray just pray. The devil hates that and God loves it.

The “Green Olive Tree” stands for being vital, productive, and will last for many years. For this reason David compares himself to the green olive tree.

Waiting on the Lord means we DEPEND on God and God alone and nothing else.

This section goes from judgment to grace. Many of David’s writings start as a lament and then to love, mercy, and grace.

David is like many of us, he just needs to vent and then move forward.

Psalm 53

This Psalm is almost exactly like Psalm 14 except one uses “Lord” and the other “God”.

Why is this? Why not use the same name? It’s referred this way to show the difference in Father God, Son God (Jesus).

5.) God’s protection from the wicked and punishment to the wicked. God goes as far as to scatter the bones showing complete annihilation of the devil.

Why are people purposefully mean?  Psychology wise they have anger build up inside but spiritually wise because they have not experienced true grace. We, as humans, are born with evil tendencies-we are born with and into sin but we choose if we act upon the sinful thoughts and tendencies or not. We all make a choice. We come to a place where we have a choice to make. Yes, environment plays a part on the way we make the choice but it is the choice of good or evil. The evil actions are not who you are. You can also choose to be better.

It’s not easy to forgive yet forgive is what sets you free from the evil things that hold you captive and if they don’t repent they will be annihilated. They and we can choose. We don’t have to wish wrath upon those who do evil they bring it upon themselves. Let God be the judge of that. No, it’s not justice but grace because sin is sin. Murder and rape are not worse than gossiping on the front porch in God’s eyes. Sin is sin is sin. As humans we want justice. You’re not different than them humanly but the difference spiritually is you accept the grace and they don’t.  We only understand human nature but we need to see God’s nature because he loves everyone and wants them to join him eternally forever. Everyone is born with sin. Even a child is born into life with sin. The child will not go to hell though because they have not reached the age of accountability. They don’t understand they need to accept Christ as their one and only Savior. They can’t make a choice to do right or wrong.

Some people make life more difficult on themselves but no matter where they are they can still accept Christ. Salvation is a gift from God that is given freely through grace. Sin brings the things we deal with on us. For example – you sinned by smoking so now you have trouble breathing.

Eventually everyone will receive the ultimate healing, a spiritual healing.

Mix God with counseling.

Psalm 54

David wrote this Psalm as well. God is my helper and David writes to ask God for help. The name of God stands for His nature.  God’s nature is Strength, Readiness, and Willingness to hear/answer prayers and go forward in our faith walk. God with the big “G”

People who rose against David were not God centered. They followed Satan and wanted to take David’s position of king, they were paganistic people. The Lord is with people who help the godly people and godly help the ungodly. Talk openly about Christ, live by example, and always pray.

Don’t tell people to go to church. Ask them if Jesus Christ is their Savior. When they accept Christ they will come church. Church is made a soul winning station. Live by example to pump people in and then they’ll come. Really be careful because we walk a tight rope because the world is waiting for Christians to fall.

The government is fighting for non-Christians right to do what they want but not force it. When sin is public it’s not judging. Rights are being taken away left and right. It will get worse and the Bible tells us this in Revelation. We have to stand for what we believe especially now.

The separation was to keep the Government out of the Church not the Church out of the Government.

Separation of Church and State was a letter that Jefferson wrote to Danbury.

We should have a right to choose just like everyone else does. Soon Islam will be the religion of the Government but all should have a right.

Our Bible teaches the way, the truth, and the life and this is the only way to true salvation.

Anytime there is life, there is darkness but the light will win.

When the President declared this is no longer a “Christian Nation” there became a downward spiral for the nation. This statement isn’t blaming the President or Congress but is showing that the devil knows where to hit America.

If Islam’s can pray in public then Christians should be able to pray in public.

Why is God being taken out of everything? P.C. (Political Correctness)

What is happening to America? If a Christian is criticized nothing happens BUT if a Muslim is criticized then its discrimination and you can face jail time. America is a mess.

 When inviting someone to church – I would love to see you there. You have the right to say NO or to not say something.

There needs to be a balance.


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