Psalm 55 & 56

Chapter 55

This Psalm of David is also a lament that reflects strong emotions and a sudden change of thought. Violent enemies and betrayal by a friend caused David to complain to God. David was agitated in his soul and has terrors of death to show because David is scared that he is going to die. He is really concerned and just wants to escape. God keeps David and is there to help David to overcome and bring him through his struggle and make him stronger. David’s biggest problem in his life is himself. David turns away from God and tries to do his own thing.

During this time Saul hated David and wanted his son Jonathon to become King instead of David. Saul becomes jealous and David and wants David DEAD.  This being said David followed God’s plan and started to be persecuted by Saul. We have to realize that when we follow God’s plan someone will always want to persecute us too but God will be beside us and help us through it.

After David tried to do his own thing he remembers how God helped him through so much and repents to him and God helps him again because David allows him to.

So when we look at David we can also see Jesus. This referring to even though Jesus never sinned so many people accused him and wanted to kill him. No matter if you sin or you don’t if you follow God people will disagree and people will want to cause you some sort of harm whether that be physical or emotional BUT there Is hope because you will live the United States we’ve been lucky to have freedom but as you can see it is slowly being taken away. We are and will see more persecution to all those who love and follow God in the US. An example is how in Virginia they cannot have more than five in their home having a bible study for there is fear of home churches being developed.

The culture has changed very much especially in the last ten (10) years. America has changes and becoming a non-Christian nation because of political correction. David is going through things that all of us are going through.

Christ tells us and so does David to pray for the criminals but then David turns around and say God wipe them out. This is his human side. David is just like us! We need to pray for our enemies to find Jesus so they can be saved (if they choose to be saved) and they will be in heaven.

David has friends and they just turn on him. It is hard but we have to realize like David did that it is not Jesus but ourselves and human nature that makes us sin. We all sin and need to forgive what happens. No not for the other person but for us because it will make us feel better and be able to move on.

We’ve all heard this one before, “I’m not going to church you all are just a bunch of hypocrites.”  Yeah, well you know what, its true. We are humans and we CAN be hypocrites – so just why don’t you join us. Its not that we want to be but we do because we are humans and we fail. We can be redeemed though by asking forgiveness and trying.

In the Old Testament is was human sin was a sin against God and was important in the old testament. You swore through God so the breaking of friendship or promises was breaking God.

People say pray – pray for your enemies. So when you pray, just pray that way because the prayer will change YOU and who you are and what you are in CHRIST. God is in control and we have to be patient and wait sometimes. You can see Daivd’s prayers and tone changes because God comes into David as David ALLOWS him (God) to change him.




1-5-David here has agitation in his soul the enemy the Devil and wicked people are the source of his turmoil and the terrors death show us how deeply seeded David is disturbed


6-8-David longed to escape from the life-threatening situation of everyone chasing and trying to kill him


9-11-As David begins his petitions against the enemies it seems to have the incident at the Tower of Babel in mind, which was when God defeated the plans of the people by confusing their language, so God is called on by David to confuse the evil plans of David’s oppressors


12-14-David’s betrayer is identified as a companion that had visited David and had participated in public worship with David; the betrayer was a friend that became an enemy which is devastating

Picture having a close friend that just turns on you out of nowhere.


15-Here we see strong emotional language against David’s enemy. David prays God to get them but also tells God he knows that God has his back and will let God do God’s plan.


16-19-In these verses we see the turning point: Evening, morning, noon remind us of NT caution to pray without ceasing which is always our best defense


19-It seems that the continuing untroubled state of wicked people brings about a false sense of security, or maybe it suggests that unsaved people do not fear God because if they did fear God they would repent and change their ways. In this sense the fear is a holy reverence and respect for God not an I’m scared of a roller coaster fear. Does this fear of God help people to stand in line? Yes, it is a Holy Fear of “I don’t want to shame God.”  The people will get justified not because David asked and because David gives his time. Non-believes haven’t experience God yet.


20-21-A broken covenant speaks about a friend that turns into an enemy. Breaking a covenant was always a very serious matter in the OT because it characterized human sin against God


22-Casting our burdens on the Lord is a comforting promise that comes from God’s sustaining hand: We can trust God totally because God is in total control of everything!


Chapter 56

This is another lament of David when he was captured by the Philistines in Gath. This psalm states the complaint and petition while also giving the affirmation of trust, this psalm contains the typical promise of praise. This psalm can remind you of the disciples in the sense that no matter what they trusted in God. David’s fear in this Psalm gives way to his trust in God.  During this time David has been capture by the Philistines in Goth. You will see David’s human side come out a lot during this psalm.

David is David. Swallow and hound are both metaphors for David’s enemies. They have captured him and these are people who want David killed and David has killed many of the Philistines. David ran away as a crazy person and was trying to hide but David was captured. When we truly trust in God fear has no dominion over us and nothing can hold us back. Man is mortal BUT God is eternal.  God’s word protects and delivers.

The attacks that happen to David cause David to pray against but David is certain that none of this is God’s doing. You see God doesn’t cause bad things. God never wastes a good hurt. God will use every hurt if we let him.


1-2-swallow me us and hound me are two metaphors that suggest the fury and the wrath of David’s enemies


3-4-When we trust in God it robe fear of its power over us. God is eternal man is mortal, God’s word promises us protection and deliverance

5-7-The reality of David’s opposition surfaces here once again. It is the unfair and evil attacks that trouble David, these attacks lead David to call on God to punish these iniquities


8-David is certain that nothing that he is undergoing is significant to God because God sees every tear that falls and God lists them in His book, not one is lost. The person who is surrendered to God can know that every facet of life has meaning


9-11-God’s trustworthiness is evident from looking at the Bible, the Bible is both written and incarnate. Since God is for us we do not need to fear what other people can do


12-Keeping our promises to God brings an occasion for praise and worship


13-Here David celebrates being saved from death, David has been preserved to live to walk a while longer with God. The light of the living is in the presence of God Himself


Extra Notes


Every facet has a meaning and God can use all of them. When you see all the messed up things they are not caused by God but God can turn them around. God trustiness – the Bible was written by God incarnated.  Every person who tries to disprove the Bible has proved more that the Bible is real.

GOD IS FOR US!  We don’t need to fear people, we win. God is a time for celebration keeping his promises to us all.

Our promises to God are:

  • Spread His word
  • Bring people to Him
  • Be faithful
  • Loving everyone
  • Accepting Jesus as your Savior

Joy and Hope are her for us here and now!

Light of the living is in the presence of God himself and that will illumination should and will show to others.

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