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This Page is Dedicated to the Concerts and Special Events that Brentwood hosts.
The idea of these events is to spread Jesus in different ways as part of our mission.
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 October 19, 2014

Morning Concert to start at 9:30am

“Spirited” will be our musical entertainment

Musical duo Spirited will be making a stop at Brentwood UM Church

Cring leads the program by singing, playing piano, telling stories and sharing a bit of humor. Clazzy joins in on her oboe and a Yamaha WX-5 Wind Machine, which can produce 250 different sounds. In one particular song, Clazzy plays seven different sounds in less than two minutes.

“We’re an orchestra in two people,” said Clazzy in a phone interview with the Press. “It gives us both a lot of versatility.” She described Cring’s voice as a mix between John Denver and John Mayer.

They met 30 years ago and have worked together as “weekend warriors” for 18 years. Now that they both live in Nashville, Tenn. and their children are grown, they have been touring the country in a van nonstop for the past three years, performing an average of three shows per week.

Along the way, Cring, who is also an international columnist, will stop in at universities to do seminars on screenwriting. Spirited has won numerous awards and two short films were featured on PBS, according to a news release. The program is described as an entertaining Broadway-style inspirational show with a “variety show feel,” said Clazzy.

“It’s awesomely fun,” she added.

The first shows were based off of Cring’s book, “I’M: The Legend of the Son of Man,” but every year they come out with a different set of shows and they know how to perform on the fly.

“It’s becoming more insertions of a variety of material,” said Clazzy. “I’m accepting the notion of ‘fresh bread’ every week. This year is two completely different programs.”


October 31, 2014

“5th Quarter Event”

After the last Indian Creek Home Game, again Edison, all students are welcomed to come “party” at the church. Beginning around 10pm there will be fun, games, and snacks for all ages.

This event is free and we invite ALL students to join us at a safe location to not only have fun but be safe while you do it. Woo-hoo!


November 8, 2014


From 9am – 4pm come join us with our first craft show.

December 2014

Sunday Morning Christmas Concert

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Victory In DA Ville Christian Concert – a free all day event starting at 11am with fun, food, and fellowship
 July  2015

Vacation Bible School

Theme and Dates to follow.


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